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A List of Things

  • I aced my mid-term!
  • But I'm still having trouble finishing all of the homework.
  • Therefore have agreed to start studying with some fellow classmates. Even the ones who infuriate me with their condescending questions.
  • Ryan helped me get the T-bird to the new apartment garage. Damn thing started right up. It's running like a dream! I really hate to sell it but I'm going to have to. Seriously, if you're interested in a nice old car that's going to be worth some cash sooner than later, let me know. I'm practically giving it away. It's listed at Carsoup.com also!
  • Sunday Ryan and I went to the Vikings game. It was a great game! Seattle never got anything going. I've never seen the Vikings lose. Think I should write Mr. McCombs - he should be paying ME to come to the games! I love that we can walk to the dome in 10 minutes. Throwing the football the entire way!
  • In less than 2 weeks, I have 2 full weeks off... of bowling, school, and basket class. What am I going to do with myself?!?? Probably sleep the entire time.
  • Unlike popular belief, there is no requirement for every bar, restaurant, and store to play Outkast's Hey Ya over and over and over.

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