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Laundry. Check.
Christmas letters. Check.
Happy hour. Check.
Drinking far too much during said happy hour. Check.
Following happy hour with more drinking at McSean's with the girls. Check.
Not being able to stand up again until 2:30pm the next day. Check.
Somehow getting through final exam without crying. Check.

I'm even almost finished with that huge C++ program! I thought it was much worse than it was - turns out I was about 40% done already. I should be able to finish it by Sunday without a problem.

Today, Hyser and I are off to pamper ourselves with Aveda facials and dinner followed by cocktails and laughter. Tomorrow, we're going to watch the game at a bar and Sunday is synonomous with shopping. I only have 2 people left!

You know how I have some "time off" - i.e. no school or bowling? Well, naturally I've managed to fill the time up. Monday, we're having dinner with Steph, Martos and their baby Jayden. Tuesday I'm going for happy hour with Hyser and the girls followed by making an apple pie (I should make some kind of disclaimer for this pie). And Wednesday begins the real holiday festivities.

I hope you're in the Christmas spirit! Have a great weekend.


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