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Belated Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone! I hope yours was filled with friends, family, love and warmth.

Things couldn't be better. I ended up taking most of last week off - my car has a specialty molding and rear window so it took the glass shop 2 days to fix it. This set me back a bit on shopping but I didn't waste any time. I got 10 hours (10 hours!?? Who does this sort of stuff??) of wrapping done on Tuesday and more shopping on Wednesday. Ryan and I had a great time at each other's family get-togethers. We stayed busy but still had time to really enjoy the company.

We celebrated Josh and Katie's birthday at the Park Tavern on Friday. Sondra, Heidi, Mandy and Tim were there. Such a fun group!

Saturday we bowled and went to Steve-O's with Heather and Mike. We shot some pool, hustled a few games :) and laughed loudly. Ryan also kicked my ass at Golden Tee. We stopped at the St. Petersburg on our way home. They make their own Vodka. The bartender is possibly the best bartender this side of the Mississippi. Also the vodka is mighty tasty.

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year! Cheers to 2004!


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