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Fly By

Had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, I got out of work a little early. Hyser picked up a pizza and we got to catch up. We may live together but I swear we only see each other once a week! Damn school. Anyway, we had fun and got ready to go at about 8. Jill S. got to the apartment at about 9:30 and we headed out to the Refuge. We met up with Felix and his friends. Stayed for a couple of hours and headed to the Drink. Had one there and went to Champps planning to go to Escape from there. Ryan was at Brothers with his friends and I'd been calling to let him know where we were. When we got to Champps, I was breaking up so he couldn't understand me - all he heard was Champps. I was out in the lobby when we lost the signal and when I walked into the bar, there he was! So we never ended up going to Escape. I decide Jägermeister sounds good and we all left shortly thereafter. Came home, devoured the apple pie I'd made for Thanksgiving (Dad's never going to let me live this one down) and stayed up until 4am. I was a little hungover on Thursday needless to say. Great way to introduce myself to Ryan's family, don't you think?

We got to Linda and Paul's condo in downtown St. Paul at 1. His parents and Danielle arrived about 2 minutes later. His grandparents and cousin Gina were there as well. Everything was great. The food was tasty, Detroit beat the Packers and we played Taboo which had us laughing until we were nearly crying. We left at about 3:30 for my Mom's. I felt bad we had to leave! We got to Mom's as they were sitting down for dinner. Nothing like 2 major meals within 3 hours! Mom outdid herself! Dinner was great. We relaxed, talked and watched the rest of the football game. We headed to my Dad's at about 8:30. We talked and had some Vienetta. I promised I'd make a pie for them some other time. Major guilt for drunken consumption of said pie. Anyway, we left at about 11:30. Headed home, had a leftover turkey sandwich and went to bed.

Slept in on Friday. I made another apple pie and we went to his parents' for dinner and dessert. It's a possibility his parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, Ryan and I might run the Winter Carnival 5K. It'd be fun. And I need some motivation to hit the pavement! Afterwards we rented some movies and had a relaxing evening. Hyser and Jill S came home around 2 with Felix and his friends. They ordered pizza and entertained us a bit.

Saturday = 7 loads of laundry and lots of running. Bowling at Doyle's was fun and afterwards I met Ryan, Tim, Danielle, Josh and Sondra at the Park Tavern. Nothing like leaving a bowling alley for another!

Hyser, Ryan and I ordered Champps take-out on Sunday, watched the Vikings get smoked by the Rams and laid in bed crying in our beer. Except we weren't crying and we didn't drink any beer. I was supposed to study for my mid-term which happens to be today but I kept staring at that notebook and it just wasn't making any sense.

Monday night bowling was fun also - we took 2 points from the #1 team and that's no small feat. We were up by over 100 going into the 10th frame of the first game and they ended up winning by 50. Apparently stringing together strikes wins games. Who would have thought!? Hyser and I made chicken lo-mein when we got home and I tried studying again (unsuccessfully). We watched Average Joe - it's not right that they make it seem so juicy in the previews when it's not. But I guess it's entertainment.

I stayed home today to study. I put a roast in the crock pot at 8 and wrote 4 programs by 11. Tell me how you can stare at a notebook for a full week without being able to squeak out 1 line of code yet 90 minutes the day of the test it flows like freaking water? I hope I've got this stuff down enough to pass this test. Speaking of which, I better get back to studying. Still have 2 pretty lengthy programs to write and should look everything over a few more times before go time. Wish me luck!

Hope you're having a great week.


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