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Dear Trigger Happy Teenage Red Headed Stepchild(ren):

I can't thank you enough for shooting out my rear windshield with a B-B gun. I've always wanted to know what that would sound like. Speaking of noise, what a cool sound glass makes when it's spidering into billions of pieces by the millisecond.

I would have appreciated your kind gesture much more if you would have waited until I was in the mall shopping instead of sitting in the driver's seat patiently waiting for a parking spot to open. At least then, you could have shot the window out and stolen something. Having an actual motive for doing such great work would be more satisfying for you and for the recipient. Instead you're doing this for a petty cheap thrill and that's just rude. It's Christmas you asshole(s). And Santa's watching. He may not catch up to you this year, but mark my words, he will. There's going to be a time when the world seems to have turned upside down and squashed you like the little bug that you are. And you're going wonder why. Know this, Karma's a bitch and she doesn't forget a damn thing.

I'm sure I also speak for the other girl who had her windshield shot out and knocked completely into her backseat when I say, I hope you have a Merry Fucking Christmas.


Cari Berger


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wow that sucks, glad that wasn't my car.

Karma comin' your way. Probably a result of all the times you drive when you're too drunk to walk

Yeah, that must be it. Especially since I live downtown and take cabs whenever we go out to drink!

Wow! There's a downtown in minnesota. And cabs too. Do you have a football team?

Only the best football team ever at losing superbowls! The Bills don't count.

Maybe it just your Karma. Or maybe your a closet packers fan. Same impact nevertheless.

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