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Cari-ism #241 and 242

The set-up:
It's a bitter cold Saturday night. Or if you want to get technical, Sunday morning. Ryan and I give into the after-bar-Perkins-craving and make a break for the door. Here enters an older man clutching a newspaper.

As we run up the steps, he says, "Brrr! It's cold outside!"

To which I reply, "No, it's drunk outside!"

We are seated purposefully in the furthest corner of an empty section.

Our meals arrive and half-way through my omelet, I have this breakthrough. At the moment, I thought I'd actually made a unique observation. I put down my fork and with a quizzical look declared, "You know? There was a lot more food on my plate before I started eating."

As the words left the safety net of my mouth, I realized how stupid it was. But it was too late. I can't believe Ryan is still dating me.


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