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Lunch Warrior Falls Ill

Turns out Ryan's O2 sensor was also on the fritz. The part for his car was only $200. Don't get me wrong, this is still outrageous, but it's a far cry from $350!! Ryan took me out for lunch at Damon's after I dropped his car off at his work. I ordered quesadillas which were fabulous - crunchilicious cheesy wonderful. But one of them didn't have anything in it! So when the waiter came back, he saw the naked tortilla. He apologized and offered to pay for my meal on top of making another quesadilla for me. Nothing like a free lunch when someone else was buying anyway! :)

We went out with Khoun, Nate, Lucky, etc. Thursday night and I made dinner for Ryan on Friday. Arroz con Pollo - turned out pretty good considering the fact that the rice refused to get done. When Ryan got there at 8, we decided to go to the liquor store since the rice had another 15 minutes or so. Got back about 25 minutes later and of course the rice by this time is a bit overcooked. It didn't matter though - it tasted good and even better in tortillas the next day! We headed up to Players at the MOA to meet up with Karl and Mindy. Then to Plum's in St. Paul. They're a lot of fun.

I woke up pretty sick on Saturday and Sunday, but nothing that a little thera-flu wouldn't fix! I swear that stuff is magic. We took all 7 points at Doyle's on Saturday and had fun playing Catch Phrase at Emily's birthday party. We laid around all day Sunday watching football and taking cold medicine induced naps. (Well I took naps anyway). I started making lasagna at about 4:30 and we ate at about 8. We watched the rest of What Lies Beneath and fell asleep again until 10. Lasagna leftovers rock!

And now it's Monday.

It's not fair!

Hope you had a great weekend and have a fun week! Stay warm.


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