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Stupid Prelude

I'm having the best luck with my car ever.

My check engine light came on again last week. It did in July also and I found out my O2 sensor was giving out a slow signal. Not something that needed to be fixed at the moment - if anything I'd get bad gas mileage. So they cleared the error and I went on my merry way. I pretty much knew this time I'd have to replace it since I've only driven 180 miles and I'm below 1/4 tank. Normal people pay $100 for such a part. My car however, has a $350 O2 sensor!! WHAT?!?! Insanity! I'm so lucky to have a friend in the auto business - I'm sure labor at a dealership or other shop would have been 3 times as much. I just love how I sink $400 into my car before Christmas and another $500 after Christmas. Couldn't be better timing. #$&@! Tomorrow I take Ryan's car in as his check engine light came on the same day mine did. It's not necessary for us to do EVERYTHING together! :) Hopefully his repairs won't be quite so costly. I need someone to support my dining out/beer drinking habits! But seriously, public transportation rules.


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