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Cars, Bowling Balls and Mardi Gras

I got my car back Friday, but the steering column was way off and it drove itself left. I've always wanted a self-driving car but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Hyser came to bowling with us on Saturday. Doyle's is intoxicating.

Sunday we were all in bed until 2pm. We got up to enjoy some of Sue's sensational lasagna. Also we made cheesy garlic bread. There was nothing low-cal about it.

Monday we planned to go to the Fine Line with Weber, but we found out it was a Beach Party so we decided to eat at Chevy's instead. Grape Aped at the Loon, dropped Weber at his car and Hyser, Ryan and I held it up at the Drink where we drank. I figured out on Tuesday that we had a good excuse. We were celebrating Fat Tuesday Eve, duh.

I dropped my car off at Abra again. I got it back today. It finally drives straight. Guess that means I don't have any excuses anymore!

Tonight, I will swim, lift some weights, make baskets and play Golden Tee with the hottest man in the world.

I took tomorrow and Friday off of work. I've come down with a vision problem. I just can't see myself coming into the office.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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