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Has the Jury Reached a Verdict?

We're meeting with a court liason today to fight a traffic ticket Ryan got a few weeks ago... for not using his turn signal... in downtown Minneapolis. The state budget cuts have rendered the police force incapable of responding to burglary or non-injury automobile accidents and yet they have plenty of time to hand out ludicrous citations. I suppose it's nearly free revenue. I mean, 1 moving violation fine is enough to cover at least 2 weeks worth of the doughnut expenses.

Wish us luck.

I think the Law & Order coloring book compliments today's theme nicely.
I'm not the only die hard fan!


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Sounds like they need to raise taxes in the great state of Minnesota. You guys are spending too much money on sports stadiums and leaving your residents at risk. Gotta pay the bills somehow. Good luck with the court case. Hire an attorney if you want to win. It's an insiders game.

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