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Running Circles, into Curbs; Happy Hours, Bowling Alleys; Ice Palaces, Skating Rinks; Superbowl and Golden Tee

I love the Target Center Northwest Athletic Club. People are very professional, which means it's less of a meat market and the track is big and roomy so you don't feel like you're running around in circles. I added some weight training to the usual running or swimming. Mostly swimming however since the arch of my foot is still not 100%. My friend Craig says I may have to stay off of it completely for a few months for it to completely heal. I figure I'd better start that now so I can be ready to hit the Stone Arch trails this spring!

Other than getting back into a normal workout regimen, I've tried to normalize my schedule a bit. It's possible I may have succeeded if I hadn't gotten into an accident on the 22nd. Ended up taking the 23rd off since they didn't tow my car until lunchtime and I didn't get my rental car until 3pm. It worked out OK since I got my workout in and cleaned up in time to meet Jill and Jill at the Drink for happy hour. They have a really good buffet and cheap drinks until 7. We headed over to the Refuge at about 8:30 for power hour and enjoyed cranberry belvederes for $2. Ryan met us at about 9 before heading to Brother's to hang out with his friends. Felix came up and the 4 of us maniacs spent some time on the dance floor before heading over to Brothers at about midnight or so. Sadly, Ryan's friends were glued to their seats, but the rest of us cut it up on the dance floor. If you can really call it that. Jill and I went home and ordered pizza and laughed about how early we left the bar. Ryan came over about an hour later and helped us eat the 2 pizzas we ordered.

After bowling on the 24th, we celebrated Tim's birthday at the Park Tavern. It was a great time. There was pool, golden tee, a million appetizers, beer, swisher sweets and birthday cake. What more could you possibly want?

We decided not to run the Winter Carnival 5K on Saturday since it was cold enough to freeze lava. We did check out the ice palace however which proved to be much more impressive from far away. But the company was great and Danielle made awesome chili. It's important to note that his uncle got separated from the group while at the palace and about 20 minutes later all of us realized at about the same time that we were cold and miserable. We decided to head home in hopes he would be shortly behind us. About an hour and a half later he finally made it home. So this is to be known as the year that we lost Paul. Ryan's Dad commended us on a good game of ditch. The poor guy. Later that night, we went skating at the Depot. What fun! I want my own skates. (Does this really surprise anyone?) Let's add another hobby to the many I already have. Honestly, will it ever stop? I skated on hockey skates for the first time ever. I love it. And I only fell down twice.

The Superbowl was on Sunday? As far as football is concerned, I'm a die-hard fan. Or so I thought. We got up early Sunday and headed to Tony's new house in Rosemount. Ryan's been invited to move in so he wanted to check out the space. It's a great house and isn't as far out as we were thinking. It's basically Apple Valley. Afterwards we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had some blazing wings and a sandwich. I almost forgot to mention the yard of coors light. We went to the gas station and were going to head to his parents to watch the Reno Open but realized it was only 1. Decided to go to Old Chicago for some beer tour beers and a little Golden Tee. This would be the beginning of my downfall. By 3pm I was pretty much at the point of, well, not going to anybody's parents' house. Embarrassing. Unintentional but embarrassing none-the-less. We played 2 more rounds of Golden Tee and can you believe it - I finished -6 and +2 respectively. This is incredible as I'm usually +24 or so. We went to Byerly's, picked up some tenderloin and new potatoes, stopped at Dairy Queen and headed back to my place for the game which was nearly half way over at this point. I started cooking and the food got done during the 4th quarter. I sat down pretty much as New England kicked the winning field goal. A superbowl is finally not a blowout and I miss nearly the entire thing! Sadly, I also missed Janet Jackson's publicity stunt flashing. And the streaker! Not that any of it matters in the least since the tenderloin was good enough to make us cry! In fact we're having the leftovers tonight. I can hardly wait. Plus, we're going to play in the snow afterwards!

Other than that, it's been the usual. Trying to keep sane between work, school and everything in between, eating out way too much, consuming too much beer and playing way too hard. Ah yes, the ridiculously-busy self-involved over-consuming life I lead. I'm not sure I know what normal is anymore, but if you're feeling ignored, please know it's unintentional. I'm done trying to convince myself that things will slow down soon. I know better. Maybe after bowling season. Take care everyone - drive careful, stay warm. I strongly encourage you to have a snowball fight and make snow angels afterwards.

See ya!


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