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Valentine's Road Warriors

Ryan took me to W.A. Frost in St. Paul. We were seated at a quiet table by the fire. It was wonderful. The food was awesome. He had roasted duck and I had Kamut & Wild Mushroom Roulade. It was as fancy as it sounds. Afterwards we took in some live music at the Turf Club. As if we could resist the Golden Tee. Ryan's getting to be quite the professional. Finishing below par and all. Me, I'm just happy to not be ending with a +40 something! We went to meet up with Weber thinking some drunken comedy was in order but he'd already went home. Or passed out. We're still not sure which story to believe :) But seriously, we had one for the beer tour and I got a free pizza. We stopped at Ryan's for a few movies and headed home to open our valentine's gifts. Ryan gave me 2 cards, a funny one and a more serious one, a box of pot of gold turtles that self-destructed within 30 seconds and the most adorable tank set from Victoria's Secret. I gave Ryan a box of Godiva goodness and tickets to the Marijuana-logues. We marveled over the treasure filled chocolates and fell asleep in each other's arms.

I reluctantly got out of bed, started laundry and hopped back into bed every chance I got. We packed up the car and headed out at about noon. Stopped at Chipotle for lunch. I parked in a 15 minute zone, we got in line and Ryan commented on a Park Ranger seated at one of the tables. He asked if they were police officers. I said, I'm not sure, but they've got to be a division of the police anyway, my cousin used to be one. I look over and who is sitting across from the Park Ranger? The one and only, former-Park Ranger, current police officer cousin Adam. What are the chances? So we ate and then stopped by to talk a minute. It had been 17 minutes when I said, I'm probably getting a parking ticket as we speak so we should get going - he said, nah, there's no way their timing would be that good. He obviously doesn't know my luck as not only did I have a parking ticket, also a ticket for expired tabs as the rental car's registration was only good through January. Excellent. We were on the road by 1pm and happily in Dubuque at 5:15. Kevin took us to a work party where there was free beer and belt buckles the size of Texas. We went to a few bars and tried to figure out why nobody goes out on Fridays. There are at least 6,000 college students within 20 miles and no other pseudo-cities anywhere nearby and yet there were 14 people in each bar. Actually the Coliseum started to fill up at about 1:30. Strange, but I suppose you do have to consider the fact that we're talking about Iowa. Tara picked us up from the bar and was nice enough to bring us through the drive-thru for some much needed McDonalds breakfast. Naturally there were Cari-isms. It might have been the alcohol.

We went to IHOP and bowling on Saturday afternoon. Had a sub-par experience at a new italian place Giunta's but at least the company was good, stopped home to take in the rest of the Slam Dunk competition and headed out to see Kevin's old boss's band play. We stopped at the Broken Lift again and back to the Coliseum where Tara and I somehow ended up dancing in a cage. It was not my idea. Bacardi made me do it. It also made me quite sick. Actually, maybe the dancing made me sick. We slept until 1pm. Ordered Pizza Hut and headed out. We stopped at Champps and were in bed by 10pm.

I think I'm still sleeping.

What a great time. Kevin's doing really well for himself but would like to get out of Dubuque. The Quad Cities might be in his near future. He should get whatever he wants. He's nice. And he's from the BP. Duh.

2 more weeks of this semester; 6 more weeks of bowling. We're postponing the housewarming party again - parking is scarce at the apartment with all the snow and who wants to walk 2-3 blocks in the winter?!? Plus we have this HUGE patio for barbecuing and well, I won't have school and wouldn't have just dropped an insane amount of money on my car (adding $175 for the car rental and $150 for the parking ticket/speeding ticket brings the grand total to $1625 since mid-December).

Hope you're all doing well! Don't forget to use your turn signals and for cripe's sake, don't speed by State Troopers!


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