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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Oh Soy!

So I've started using Revival Soy products. The obsession with soy started this spring/summer when I was really putting a lot of effort into living healthy. I used to work with Chad Woolson at Damark - it's been almost 10 years, but at the time he and his wife Regina were strict vegetarians. We were hiking in Taylors Falls when I had my first Tofu experience. Tofu, sprouts, avocado and tomato. I fell in love. So I've been having similar sandwiches minus the avocado for several months now. Problem is, tofu's not exciting and you seriously have to eat like 6 sandwiches a day to get the recommended amount of soy to see results. Benefits of soy include weight loss, lower fat absorption, higher fat metabolism, lowered risk of breast/prostrate cancer, relief from PMS/menopause symptoms - the list goes on.

I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone - even the most discriminate taste-buds. I had a Chocolate Dream (Splenda) shake for breakfast and a Chocolate Raspberry Zing bar for lunch. Not only were they both really good, I'm full. Those who know me will understand the weight of this statement. I'm never full!

Lately, I haven't had a lot of time to do the aerobic portion of my workout regimen. Still weight training every other day but in the past 2 weeks I've only done 2-20 minute cardio stints. I'm going to continue this (hopefully with a little more cardio) and see if the added soy protein actually helps me lose a few pounds. I'm about 7 lbs over what I was last August. I was sized for my bridesmaid's dress in August. It fits well, but it fit a lot better 7 months ago! Wish me luck!

If you're interested in trying Revival Soy, contact me or leave a comment - they sent me a form that I can order free samples for friends.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Fuzzy Logic

The parking lot at the Fridley Northwest Athletic Club is always a zoo, but especially if I go after work. I love how people fight over close parking spots at the health club.

It's 58 degrees, the sun is shining and you're going to work out - is it really that important to nab that spot which is 3 places closer than one that wouldn't inconvenience 4 other drivers?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Schedule Saturator

I know I'm to blame for my schedule.

I try to do it all. Somehow I manage to fit everything in but not without steamrolling myself into near oblivion.

Today I found myself trying to figure out a way to be at 3 bachelorette parties at once.

Is there a support group for stuff like this?

Isn't it still the weekend?

It is with great sadness that I must report I did not meet my green beer quota on St. Patrick's Day. That's OK though because I think if I let the beer I have at home sit out long enough, it might turn green on its own.

We had a great time - went to the Target Center to work out and then to Jess's party (after showering of course). She's hilarious, single now and moving back to Minneapolis in a year. Afterwards, we had a green beer at Old Chicago and played a game of Golden Tee. Then headed to Urban Wildlife for some live music. Somehow we managed to eat an entire Pizza Luce pie by ourselves. This must not become a habit.

Ryan gave me a beautiful silver shamrock - the perfect symbol for the 25th anniversary and a claddagh candle. He's ever so thoughtful. I didn't think they made guys this nice, that hot and as much fun to be around. I mean, there's actually a happy medium of sweetness while living on the edge?

I don't know how I would have made it through school this semester. Even without class I'm booked almost every day still. I think I'm insane and in need of clinical intervention.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Did you remember...

to wear GREEN today???

I've been in America for 25 years today.

I feel that it's safe to say I'm the only Korean from a Swedish family who's life started on an Irish holiday.

And for that, I will drink 25 green beers tonight. That is if a shot glass counts as 1 beer. Well, that's not entirely accurate because I may end up consuming more like 100 beers if that's the assumption. Don't worry, we're taking a cab and a few hours off of work tomorrow morning.

Does it mean you're getting old when you anticipate your hangover and plan accordingly?

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy green beer, start all of your sentances with O' and be safe.

O'Pretty please?

Friday, March 12, 2004


My fortune read:

Tomorrow will be your greatest day at work

So true since tomorrow's Saturday.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


  • Abra fixed the steering column but alignment is still off as well as developed annoying brake squeak. Naturally they claim it doesn't have anything to do with the accident.

  • Bring car to Firestone to check on brakes. Turns out had rear brakes done in December. Need new front brakes. Funny since was told in December wouldn't have to replace other brakes for a year or so.

  • Firestone took 2 days to replace brake pads and turn rotors.

  • Picked car up, nearly rear ended car in parking lot as brake pedal went all the way to floor.

  • Also, made awful shirring sound when car was moving.

  • Brought car back but technician assured me this was normal and that the new brakes just needed breaking in.

  • Car pulls severely to left when braking. This is not so terrible at low speeds but if you need to slow down for idiots on the freeway, better make sure the left lane is open.

  • Made appointment to bring car back into Firestone.

  • Need to sell car, buy bike.

  • 3 more weeks of bowling. I can hardly wait - this means Spring is well on its way. Except that it's raining ice.

  • My personal trainer kicked my ass on Saturday. She's nice. But I don't like her anymore.

  • Helping Ryan housesit and take care of Rocco. Rocco is a 90 lb. German Shepard/Wolf mix. He accidentally bit me this Christmas when I tried to get his toy from him. I stealthly created a diversion and then went for the toy. I got the toy alright but unfortunately, so did he.

  • Rocco has applied and taken over the job as my protector. Ryan can't even kiss me without Rocco's close attention and warning whimper.

  • Rocco pees an average of 63 times on his 3 walks per day.

  • We're going to Hinckley this weekend to win a million dollars and more importantly to spend time with my family. Grandpa couldn't be happier.

  • There are 7.5 weeks until Wendy and Chad's nuptuals!

  • Volleyball starts the day before my birthday.

  • Ryan's the most perfect guy in the whole entire world. Well except that he has a soft spot for crazy women (me).

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