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Isn't it still the weekend?

It is with great sadness that I must report I did not meet my green beer quota on St. Patrick's Day. That's OK though because I think if I let the beer I have at home sit out long enough, it might turn green on its own.

We had a great time - went to the Target Center to work out and then to Jess's party (after showering of course). She's hilarious, single now and moving back to Minneapolis in a year. Afterwards, we had a green beer at Old Chicago and played a game of Golden Tee. Then headed to Urban Wildlife for some live music. Somehow we managed to eat an entire Pizza Luce pie by ourselves. This must not become a habit.

Ryan gave me a beautiful silver shamrock - the perfect symbol for the 25th anniversary and a claddagh candle. He's ever so thoughtful. I didn't think they made guys this nice, that hot and as much fun to be around. I mean, there's actually a happy medium of sweetness while living on the edge?

I don't know how I would have made it through school this semester. Even without class I'm booked almost every day still. I think I'm insane and in need of clinical intervention.


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Glad to see that you are still kicking! And congratulations on your 25th Anniversary, that is fantastic!

Hey Jason!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Hope you're doing great as well! I haven't been home much so I haven't had a chance to check out your site for quite awhile. I'll bet you're as ready for spring as I am!

Take care-

Roughly the 25th anniversary of the nuclear meltdown at three mile island as well. Your plane probably crossed overhead.

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