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Catch Me If You Can

Grandpa's surgery went great and he was very proud of his eye-patch. I promised to buy him a parrot to complete the ensemble.

Rob is doing just great. He's feeling good and has this great positive energy about him.

Tim's surgery was a huge success and he should be home now enjoying the comforts of home.

I can't describe the gigantic sense of relief that I feel now that everyone is safely on the road to recovery!

The bowling banquet was a blast! The ring toss game was a huge hit -everybody loved their goofy prizes. Rick wore the kiddie innertube. It was a riot. We can't really wish the summer away, but we can't really wait until next fall. So we're all planning on getting together a couple of times this summer and everyone's excited for Ryan to bowl with us next year.

The turkey dinner came out great! I couldn't have done it without all of Ryan's help. The 22 lb bird took 8.5 hours to cook! Jill's Dad said he's going to do the turkey that way next Thanksgiving. Also, chicken salad rocks.

I finished Wendy's flower girl basket and her bachelorette party is tomorrow. Chad and Wendy will be married in 7 days! I can't wait!

My personal trainer is sweet. She's smart, pretty and kind. Yet she's really mean to my triceps. I have no idea why she has the propensity to tricep destruction, but I must find a way to stop her. Also push-ups suck. But I can do 15 real ones now. In a row!

Have a great weekend! Beware of downtown Minneapolis, there are 2 bachelorette parties I'm supposed to be at on Saturday. If we wind up at the same bar, I coud manage to be at 2 parties at once. Multi-tasker.


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