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My WNBA Career

My friend Stephanie got me playing basketball in the 8th grade. She was good. But Steph was good at everything athetlc. I had 5 left feet. Not only was I the shortest person playing basketball outside of gradeschool, but I couldn't shoot a hoop if it were 2 inches in front of me.

Ryan and I have been playing every now and then at the Target Center. We play PIG even though I tell him it'd only be fair for me if we played something like MISSISSIPPI. And even then only if he got every double letter automatically. Last night I was performing as usual - actually managing to score negative points. I was about to give up and jokingly said, "I might as well shoot right-handed" as I put one up from the 3-point line. Swooosh! I was momentarily shocked, surprised and I'll admit excited but that soon faded into doubt and certainty that it was a fluke. I ran for the ball and fielded it on the side, again near the 3-point line. I'm terrible on the side, I need a backboard to aim at! But again, I put it up and Swooosh! I made 3 free-throws in a row which to a normal person might not be any big deal. But let me tell you, in my 26 years, I have NEVER made 3 free-throws in a row! Folks, this was no fluke. I'm actually a decent shot wrong-handed!

But I'm sad, because I'm pretty sure if I would have figured this out in 8th grade, I could have been Lindsay Whalen.

I hope my children don't inherit my obvious indecision in regards to this matter. Write left, throw left, hockey right, golf right, bowling left, tennis neither (no backhand!), basketball right, but layups must be left and I switch hit. At least I throw the football with the right... er left hand.


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