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Ups and Downs

    What's been done:
  • Going to happy hour with Hyser's company's law firm ensures at least 20 appetizers will be ordered. Also, you will be punished if you actually finish a drink before ordering a new one.
  • The season-ticket-holders' bar in section 109 slums it by opening its doors to the general public at the top of the 5th inning. They no longer have 2-for-1's. But they have a flat screen TV.
  • McDonalds by our house is open 24 hours. We're very sorry we know this.
  • I'm almost done with Wendy's flowergirl basket.
  • Emily and I went to my friend Lynn's house on Thursday to be Star Tanned. It's an airbrush tan that's phenomenal! Interested? Drop me a line! First time client special 2 for $40 or it's $25 per tan. A tan lasts for 7-10 days. It's an all natural product and looks fantastic. Also, Lynn's a painter and a perfectionist.
  • We went to Majors in Bloomington on Thursday night for a benefit for Dru Sjodin. Her Mom and many of her friends were there. Not a single soul left without feeling a deep sense of loss, but hope and love at the same time.
  • Jason Berg won 2 tickets to anywhere on Sun Country airlines. Complete with a limo ride to the airprt.
  • Hyser and I went to Hutchinson Saturday morning for Mandy's bridal shower. We had Whiskey in Biscay. Ryan met us at the apartment and we headed to the Refuge for power hour. Then Brothers. I might have had too much cranberry juice. Or maybe it was the vodka.
  • Ryan and I spent all day at my Mom's for Easter. She cooks up a mean dinner!

    What's to come:

  • My uncle Rob is having major surgery tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with him and Shari. We all hope he has a speedy recovery.
  • My Grandpa is having cataract surgery on Thursday. It's a common procedure and on an out-patient basis. I'm going to call him on Wednesday to remind him not to wink at the nurses.
  • My Godfather is having major surgery on the 20th. My thoughts and prayers are also with him, Kathy and the kids.

    I'm scared, but I have faith in the doctors and the strength of our family.

  • This Saturday is the Saturday Nite Live bowling banquet and Sunday I'm making a big turkey dinner for Hyser's parents and my Mom.


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