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Dancing Divas

Sam, Alex and Allison were dancing divas this past Sunday. I hear they were adorable and had a lot of fun impressing the crowd at Orchestra Hall.

I was planning on going to their rehearsal since volleyball meant missing the actual show, but celebrating Nick's wedding + Josh's freedom sort of took its toll.

I talked to Heather yesterday. I'm going to see Rob tonight - the first chance I've had to see him since he was readmitted to the hospital last week (He's been home since Wednesday and is doing great). Afterwards I'm going to see where the Rymers are. Hopefully I can catch them at dance class.

Tomorrow after basket class, Ryan and I are meeting the "girls" up at McSeans for Susie's surgery sendoff. She's seeing her doc on Friday and will be at home resting over the weekend. She's strong. And beautiful. And I'm scared for her but her strength lets me know she's going to be just fine.

Friday Ryan and I are spending the night up in Hinckley. I'm going to win off my birthday bucks. Or else I'll be spending the night in the hot tub :)

Have a great week!!


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