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The glorious self-indulgence started Friday when Ryan and I met his family at the Cheesecake Factory for his sister's birthday. I had Pad Thai even though there's nothing Thai about cheesecake. It was excellent but the cheesecake almost made us cry. We had White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. I'm sure it'll save someone's life someday. At the very least, someone's marriage.

After dinner, we headed straight to Prior Lake for our 1st annual softball game. We were up to bat first. My first at bat, I slid into 2nd base scraping up my right knee. I'm too old for skinned knees! Ryan made a great catch in centerfield while I sat out in left field picking daisies. I'm going to like this every-other-week-double-header business. Just as many games with half the chance of injury. (Injuries incurred on the same day at the same event count as 1 total injury). Also said injury will have 2 weeks to heal before being slid upon again. Bonus.

A few drinks later at Elsie's and Berger was, how do you say? drunk. Also, the bartender was making and remaking balloon animals. I was fascinated. I'd watched my Dad do this hundreds of times when I was little. I was sure I remembered how. Sadly, it was the Corona that was sure I remembered how. I attempted once and popped it immediately.

Saturday Ryan and I had our 1st of 3 tennis lessons. Just in case you're wondering, the Crosstown Northwest Athletic Club is NOT close to Minneapolis. It's in Eden Prairie. It's too early to have to drive to Eden Prairie. Besides, I still had Corona in my system! We worked out for awhile, went home, got ready, talked Jill into heading up to the Gastof's tent party at about 6. It was such a beautiful day - we were afraid all of the tables would be taken, but only about 25 of the die hards were there that early! Jill's parents, their friends, John and Marica, Jill's aunt Luann and Dwight came. Emily and Dan, Chad and Wendy. Jason Berg. It was awesome. Also, we won champagne. Starting that early takes its toll on us old folks. Ryan was out before midnight and the rest of us were out by 1. We really know how to whoop it up!

We took Ryan's family and my Mom out to the California Café for Mother's Day. Everything was great. We had more cheesecake. I think I'm going to need new pants ;) It was sunny and beautiful outside when we got home, but when we woke up from our nap, there were tornado warnings everywhere. They were estimating winds of 80 MPH across Lake Minnetonka. Needless to say, volleyball was cancelled, but Ryan and I had a great time watching the wall cloud swallow downtown Minneapolis whole. We got a little hail, a ton of water and winds that nearly knocked me over. We watched TV and got to lay in bed all night. And that's what Sundays were made for :)

My Dad took me out to lunch on Monday. We went to Big Bowl at Rosedale. The food was great and it was nice to spend some time with him one on one. For dinner, Ryan and I met my Mom, Shari and Rob at the Sunshine Factory. I had Sea Bass in a peach cream sauce. It was delicious! Ryan, my Mom and I headed into the bistro for a cocktail and the Wolves game. Heather and Jill joined us and we closed it down! My Mom even braved bar close!

Ryan took me to St. Petersburg for our birthday dinner on Tuesday. It's this quaint Russian restaurant and vodka bar in Robbinsdale. We stopped there in time for last call just before the new year and loved it. What a great boyfriend I have. He not only allows me to celebrate my birthday 4 days in a row but remembers I said I wanted to have dinner there 4 + months ago and surprises me with reservations. The food did not disappoint. Neither did the service nor the company. The Wodka made me late for work on Wednesday, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Especially since I got to see Kari and catch up for a bit. She's in New York City testing out the public transportation system. And she knows Linux so you should like her.

We met my Dad and Nancy for another birthday dinner on Thursday. P. F. Changs does have excellent lettuce wraps. Also, the Dan Dan Noodles are actually spicy!

I was totally spoiled this year. Gastof's tent party with my friends, lots of decadent food and spirits. And such wonderful gifts from everyone. I'm truly lucky. Also, I didn't fall down any stairs this year.

Thank you everyone for all of your birthday wishes and for being there to celebrate with me! I love you guys!


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