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Chad and Wendy's wedding was wonderful.

Thursday, Emily and I brought Wendy to our friend Lynn's for a star tan. Wendy was just radiant.

Friday was the Groom's Dinner at Donatelli's in White Bear. The rehearsal went well and dinner was fantastic.

Emily and I got up bright and early Saturday to get our hair done. The hairdresser thought we had more time than we did but she managed to finish both of us in an hour and 15 minutes. It looked great and wasn't going to move if life depended on it.

Finally it was time. Wendy was patiently waiting while the rest of us couldn't hide our excitement. When the doors opened to the church and Chad saw her for the first time that day, he smiled like I've never seen him smile before.

We took group pictures, then Emily and I met our guys and Em's family at Acapulco for a margarita or 2. The reception started at 5. The food was great, the dancing was fun, and you've never seen 2 more comfortable, happy people in your entire life. Everything was beautiful.

Every time I see Ryan he looks at me and hugs me in such a way that I know he's genuinely happy to see me. And I melt. I seriously never thought it was possible for this intensity, this excitement to last like this. And maybe it's naive, but I truly feel like it could last like this forever.

After the reception, Susie, Emily, Luke, Dan, Ryan and I went to the Bird to meet up with Stacy and Ginny. Thanks to the red bull, we made it until closing time!

Ryan and I went to the gift opening on Sunday. Afterwards, we bowled and played basketball at the healthclub. I worked on my lay-ups. I shoot right-handed now, but my feet are still left-handed. The few times I did manage to jump off of my left foot, I ended up shooting the ball with my left hand. I'm still in disbelief over my newfound shooting ability.

I was invited to my aunt Shari's birthday dinner on Tuesday. The Olive Garden breadsticks will be the end of me!

I got to see Becky and Jameson last night! He is just a gorgeous baby. So happy and content. Full of discovery. Amazing.

Tonight, we head to the Cheesecake Factory for Ryan's sister's birthday dinner (I'm totally skipping dinner and going straight for the cheesecake), then to a late softball game in Prior Lake. Yes, Iowa. :) Tomorrow is my birthday party - if you're free, e-mail me - I'll hook you up with all the juicy details! Also, tomorrow Ryan and I have our first of 3 tennis lessons. $20, 3 lessons and a free racquet. Can't go wrong. So there's a good chance I will have a black eye at my birthday party. Tomorrow, my Mom and I are joining Ryan's family for a Mother's Day brunch. Then we're off to Fletcher's for our first volleyball game. *breathe*

Monday is the actual birthday although I'm not actually turning a year older. I'm staying the same age until Ryan catches up to me. We're having dinner with my Mom and then bowling with Heather and Mike. It'll be the first night of our 4 person spring bowling league. New Hope didn't drum up enough interest to form a full league so we're taking matters into our own hands.

Because we thought bowling was going to start on the 10th, Ryan made dinner plans for Tuesday. Therefore, I get to celebrate for 2 days. I am the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Have a great weekend!

125 days until kick-off!

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