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We had a great 4th. We spent all day on my Dad's boat. It was gorgeous weather and we got a lot of sun. We cleaned up, had dinner at Majors and headed over to Jason's. It was a great mix of people and Kevin Farmer was in town. Nothing like some Dominican Rum and Cubans to make a party! Couldn't have asked for more. And then there was the fire. And fireworks. And the throwing of fireworks into the fire. I got so used to the noise I even stopped covering my ears! Ryan's so thoughtful, he worked it out so we could leave early and head over to Heather & Mike's so we could spend some time with his friends and some with mine. We got to Heather & Mike's at about 11:30 or so, maybe midnight. My ex-boyfriend was there. We're all adults but our not being prepared for it put Ryan in a strange position. In the end it turned out OK, but I'll never understand why you'd want to hang out with your ex's family and friends, especially on a holiday. Ryan, of course, handled himself like a champ and didn't even complain about it. I'm not sure that I would have been that strong, tactful or quiet.


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No offense but your ex sounds like a loser. He must want you back pretty bad to be hanging around like that. Good luck!

I do not think it turned out ok. Your ex needs to let go and get a life.

They might not see that there hurting you. But your x boy probably thinks he can win you back if he sticks around. Lisa is right, he wouldn't be around your friends if he didn't want you back. He'd have some pride and stay away. Why would you want to hang around your x's peeps? Ick, wouldn't you feel stupid?

What's more lame, your ex or your family? Like hymenoptra to fructose.

Hm, "Phil", which ex are you talking about? You give yourself away.

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