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For never being satisfied, over-scheduling myself, over-spending and forgetting about what's really important. Must start taking better care of myself.


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doesn't is bite to keep making the same mistakes over and over again and then continue to post them? think about changing feeling guilty to "I'm stupid because...."


If the mistakes I'm doomed to repeat are:

  • Over-achieving,

  • Not saving as much money as I'd like,

  • and for caring about everyone else so much that I start to forget about myself;

Well, then, so be it. At least my mistakes don't hurt other people.

I'll plead guilty to having a full life. Even to over-indulging once in awhile. Being a little spent now and then is a small price to pay for overall happiness and fulfillment.


Sometimes perception is more interesting than reality. The connection between your original "guilty" posting (never satisfied, over-scheduled, over-spending and forgetting about what's really imporant) is stellar.
- Over-spending matches 100% (maybe that's also over-achieving?)
- Forgetting about what's really important could be related to caring about other so much that you forget about your self. But that would mean that what is really important is yourself.
- Over-achieveing could be related to over scheduling assuming something is achieved from what is scheduled. But why would you feel guilty about achieving something that you cared enough about to schedule?
- and never being satisfied. Related to having a full life? But if you're never satisfied and you have a full life how could you do more (unless it takes less) in order to achieve the satifaction that you feel guilty that you don't have

Jealousy is realted to anger. I'm amused.

  • Perception is Reality

  • Which:
    • explains why the media is so powerful and;
    • is the cornerstone to insanity.
  • What's really important?

  • You say "but" as if that weren't true. That's exactly what I meant. My nature is to take care of others before I tend to myself. It makes me feel good to provide for others. But eventually the little bits of self-neglect add up and it becomes very apparent that I'm important too and need to take time for myself.
  • Scheduling

  • I'm a do-er. I like to do things. If it's humanly possible, consider me signed up. Someone wants or needs something? I'll find a way to fit it in! I don't feel guilty for what I do at all - I love being active. It's just that the over-scheduling/extending myself has played its part in my forgetting about my needs. Such as taking time to relax. A long bath or snuggle up with a good book. So you see, everything's not a literal relationship. It's just about letting the pendulum swing the other way to regain balance.
  • Satisfaction

  • Again, this isn't literal. Going by the dictionary definition, I'm obviously satisfied. On specific occasions and overall. In fact if anything I suppose I should feel guilty for being too satisfied. "Not being satisfied" is part ambition part perfectionism. And the bottom line is that in general, I'm too hard on myself which can make me feel like I'm not doing enough and the chain reaction leads to more doing and even less time for myself.
    All of that being said, let me add this. These are just tendencies of mine. As much as I hate them sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way. They make me who I am and I'm pretty damn happy with who that is. Do I make mistakes? Can I do better? Am I still growing? Hell yes! And I hope that never stops! The day I stop making mistakes will be the day I stop doing anything at all.

    Jealousy is also related to stupidity and ignorance. Which might explain your amusement.

You must have had to be there. All this pendulum stuff, cornerstone of insanity, hating yourself (at least your tendencies), literal definitions muddy your message. The original point was why feel guilty if it's always about the same things; maybe its's not guilt. In this context it hard to see how you get from amusement to stupid and ignorant. Perception is personal so maybe it's your sunny disposition shining through the dark, confusing clouds.

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