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Run For Your Life

I honestly, never thought running a race would be that much fun! Especially in such a heatwave.

We walked downtown and registered around 6. I'd brought some Revival Soy products for one of the healthclub managers to sample, so once we got our numbers, t-shirts & water, we headed to the Target Center. He was very appreciative and offered to hold onto our t-shirts (even though they boast the rival Lifetime Fitness logo) so we didn't have to run with them. Soy happens to be a very powerful bargaining tool :)

Go time.
Instead of starting at the Basillica and running north on Hennepin to 5th street, east to Marquette and back around Loring Park, we started at Block E (6th/Hennepin) and ran through Loring Park, past the Walker Art Center, through the Kenwood neighborhood and back to Loring Park. The first 2 miles were fairly flat. The last 2 miles were uphill both directions. I'm not kidding, the way they looped us through Kenwood, we kept missing the downside to the hills we were climbing! There was a nice downhill break to end the 3rd mile but that was hardly any consolation! I made the mistake of thinking we were closer to the finish than we were and made an early push. By the time we were a half-mile away I really thought I was going to have to walk. But I perservered and we finished at 34:09! I'm surprised I even made it that close to my goal time. Ryan & I are good running partners. We both go at about the same pace and manage to help each other through the tough spots.

They had the usual refreshments: apples, bananas, bars, bread, water, powerade. Plus samples of Michelob Ultra and 2 free beers. Because it's good to run 4 miles in 97 degree heat and then consume alcohol!

After collecting the usual water bottles/can coolers, etc., we headed home along side the Aquatennial Torchlight parade, stretched, showered and prepared to head back downtown.

Had a great dinner at Friday's and took a taxi home.

What a night! I can't believe I feel refreshed since I had to get to work over an hour early today. Plus, my muscles don't hurt. 4 miles in intense heat is good for you after all? Or maybe it's the beer. Must be the beer.


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