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  • 7 days ago: Celebrated the MMSS project completion at Sweeney's Saloon & Grille in St. Paul. Couldn't have asked for a better group to celebrate with. Too bad the service was horrific.

  • 6 days ago: Spent time with Emily and Luke - met Lily (who makes my urge to get my own puppy nearly uncontrollable), burned stuff and made s'mores. Also, see laughter and 3am.

  • 5 days ago: Saw Grandma in Princeton. The nursing home is very nice. She's doing OK, but I'm scared for her and hurt for Grandpa. Please pray for them. Grandpa, Shari, Rob, Mom and I had dinner at The Frontier. Their coleslaw was just like KFC.

  • 4 days ago: Ryan and I took in a Twins game. The A's held them in the 9th and they ended up going into 18 innings! Unfortunately, they lost. We played 3 volleyball games at Fletchers and hurried home to grill up some spiced burgers and cheddarwursts. Mmm-mm, sausage.

  • 3 days ago: I finally made it back to the healthclub. Amazing how 2 weeks of missed workouts can make you feel like a sissy.

  • 2 days ago: Hyser and I enjoyed some girl time at Chevy's. Because they have margaritas and the thinest, tastiest chips within 4 miles. Also, we had a coupon. Sadly, we had to order the chocolate ooey-gooey-chewy sundae in order to use the coupon. Who would have thought that a rich warm brownie topped with ice cream and real whipping cream could end up netting you $5? (and probably 5 pounds!)

  • 1 day ago: I made it to the healthclub again - impressed since it tends to be hard for me to get back on the wagon once I fall off. Especially since this workout literally kicks my ass. 24 squats+12 lunges on each leg+24 alternating step lunges+12 squat jumps in 90 seconds. Times 2. My trainer hates me.

  • Today: I had lunch with Ken and Connie. Ken's recovering from his knee surgery well. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed way too much Chinese food at the Fortune House in Roseville.

  • Tomorrow: In between meetings I'm going to sneak off to have lunch with Emily. I'm exchanging my drapes and my old PC for her company. And who says you can't buy love???

  • In 4 days: 365 days ago this day, the St. Paul Saints played the Joliet Jackhammers. The Saints might have lost 8-3 but something else was won. Hyser, Mandy & Scot were witnesses. Here ends all cheesiness.

    Hope you're all doing well!

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