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We were putting up runs like nobody's business on Friday. Pro Service didn't stand a chance. Final score was 23-1.

Also, I escaped without injury. I didn't even have to slide, dive or execute any double-twist, double-tuck, and front-layout combinations.

I grilled on Saturday - whipped up a mesquite barbecue pork tenderloin, potatoes, onions and mushrooms and roasted corn. I'm still getting to know my grill - seems that for indirect heat, you do have to put coals on both sides and cook in the middle - piling the heat up on one side with the meat on the other cooks far too slowly. So this was another meal in courses - fresh mozzerella garlic bread, followed by corn and finally the main course. Meanwhile, the Vikings were beating the Cardinals in our pre-season debut. It's rumored that Denny Green shed a tear as he left the dome.

At about 10pm, Ryan, Kevin, Noah, Steve and Chris walked to Nye's, then to Champps where we met Nate and Chara/Charlie/Char... I feel awful because "Char" and I spend much of the night talking incessantly and I really really like her - even gave her my e-mail address so we can keep in touch and yet it seems I may have mis-heard her name since I thought it was "Char" and Ryan heard "Chara" or "Charlie" with a soft "ch". Anyway, we had a lot of fun and hopefully the Minneapolis newbies enjoyed the scene. We all piled into Nate's Liberty and had another beer at Hyser's & my place. Naturally ABC made it into the mix and proved everyone knows the words to "Iesha".

Sunday, Ryan and I enjoyed the best turkey sandwiches ever and watched the US get tromped on by Puerto Rico. It's no longer the Dream Team folks. The volleyball action was much better and geared us up for Fletchers. We headed up an hour early and ran some drills. Seemed to help us a lot - Ryan and I had a rhythm all 3 games. We won all 3 and stuck around for some just-for-fun play. I'm working on my setting. The goal for next year is to have my back-set down. Maybe even the upside-down-backwards-between-the-legs set.

Today is Ryan and my 1 year anniversary. It's hard to believe it's already been 365 days! I've felt lucky every single day since we met and can't imagine being anywhere else or anywhere safer. We're celebrating at La Belle Vie in Stillwater. Instead of the rain they predicted last week, it should be very pleasant - sunny and 70's. Perfect for a nice post-dinner walk. I can hardly wait!


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