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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mini Golf vs. Keg Stands

Granite City is a microbrewery that serves up some fare that is absolutely delicious. Mom had the garlic sirloin that was so tender and flavorful even I loved it and I had the fire grilled vegetable/portobello tortellini in a delicate cream sauce and finished with parmesan bread crumbs. Even though it's in Maple Grove, I'd go again in a heartbeat. Also, their sports bar has u-shaped booths and lots of flatscreens.

For reasons unknown, I ended up singing Criminal after kickball even though I didn't strike out. This is my official apology to the Sports Page patrons.

The tent party was the most fun. I used my "Norm" Cheers glass and never was charged the 2 tokens it was supposed to cost for a liter of beer. Which also means that I had 2 liters of beer. Thankfully this was over a long period of time so did not end up sick or worse, sleeping at 10pm. Tony & Stockman stayed over. I'm sorry for having that text message war Stock. I hope I didn't actually make that girl cry. Well, much anyway.

I won both of my fantasy football games again. I'd say I'm a force to be reckoned with but in each of my leagues, I play the respective top scorers of week 3 this week. They both have Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Advantage Berger by less than a fraction of a hair because Indy plays the Jags. Please oh please let them have Peyton's number. (Sorry Stacy & Brian, I love you and the Colts, but I'm getting greedy with the fantasy ball). Definitely tired of this "You're only a girl" crap.

The Vikes took Chicago but not as convincingly as we would have liked. The purple and yellow shoes will never leave the top of the TV. I'm sorry I wore them last Monday. It's totally my fault we lost to Philly.

Volleyball was great. We won the first round of the tourney. It's after that when it gets foggy. Something about knowing the bartender and jägermeister and sour apple something and lots of talk about nothing and something and serious and not serious and filling ones purse with matchbooks and serving drinks. Yikes. Monday morning was not so much fun. We should never have to work on Mondays.

We had mini golf after work for work and it was fun. I shot a 69. I did not win anything but I did make a few chip shots out of the woods (literally) and had to fish my ball out from under a pine tree. I think I should win something for being entertaining.

Tonight, Hyser and I will live vicariously through Carrie and the gang again. It's possible this show is corrupting us. We also learn an awful lot about each other.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Ziggy Socky Ziggy Socky Hoy Hoy Hoy!

Who: YOU
What: Oktoberfest Tent Party
Where: Gasof's in NE Minneapolis
Why: German Beer, Das Boot, a hoy hoy
When: Tonight from 5-10pm

After 10 we'll either head inside or to a nearby pub. Beer there, or be sober.

Bring Your Own Mug if you don't want to spend $5 and take one of theirs home.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Lowdown Nitty Gritty

  • It's cool to wear a jersey, but you should only put one arm in it. Because sashes bring your true badass out.

  • Bowling is fun. Especially when the pitchers are only $6.

  • We lost 2 of 3 in our first volleyball match. Then 2/3 of our team left. Ryan and I finished our beer and watched the Sunday night football game for awhile before gathering our things at about 8:30. On our way out, the league manager says, "We play you guys tonight, right?" Dumbfounded looks exchanged by Ryan and I. Apparently Team Josh Brettingen minus Josh Brettingen had a double-header. We swept them 3-0. Who needs 6? 2's a much more manageable number. :)

  • Hyser and I went to KFAN after bowling last Monday. I can't keep quiet while watching football. Especially when it's MNF. And Green Bay's playing. And I'm up by 5 points with Longwell on the field and my opponent has Ahman Green. I will never cheer for the Packers, but if they're going to score, I figure it might as well be Longwell. The other patrons were entertained but confused with my contradictory cheers and jeers.

  • I wore anti-reflective tape under my eyes for kickball. I'm now addicted to it and might start wearing it every day to work. Bring it on.

  • The Twins lost on Friday but we had a great time. After the game, we met up with Jason Berg at The Corner Bar and headed over to Sgt. Prestons where I ran into Chris Murray. It was nice to catch up with him! Kevin Farmer and his friends arrived via bachelor party bus and somehow after a pitcher, we ended up on the bus and then, Shieks. Luckily, it's only a 15 minute walk home. Sadly, we have this all timed out perfectly of when to order the pizza so it gets there a few minutes after we do.

  • Saturday I made hot wings and we headed up to Oak Grove for Mike's party. Everything was great. Beer brats, awesome food to share, a keg we almost fried and a HUGE bonfire. I'm not kidding, if I didn't know better, I would have thought they were throwing entire trees in the pit. Items of interest: We did kegstands. Because it's important to play college drinking games at 27. Mike found a spider that couldn't possibly be native to MN. Think black widow with bright yellow markings on the back and fangs. Fangs. <shudder>. We stayed up until 4:30am and slept on the futon. Woke up to breakfast and bloody mary's. Rock on. Thanks for having us Mike & Julie - your house is gorgeous and we had a great time. Also, Julie, your friends are awesome :)

  • Sunday: Happy Birthday to Mom!. We're SO sorry we ran late but are just as glad we got to share dinner with you, Grandpa, Shari and Rob. Food was delicious! I'm glad you like your cell phone - looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday to program it, etc.!

  • We had to leave dinner for Fletcher's only to find the other team didn't show. Bummed out but at least we were able to pick up a few players and play 4 on 4 for awhile. We got sucked into the Sunday night game and talked to Scott for hours. He's hilarious.

  • Bowling = Jägermeister = Vikings. Hyser, Ryan, Danielle and I went to KFAN for the game. Sadly, the Vikes fell to the Eagles but the memories made it somewhat worth it. Just after kick-off, enter man with mullet wearing sweater vest. He steps up to the bar looks around, turns towards us, points his finger at us defiantly and demanded, "Who took my chair?!?" We didn't know. This questioning went around to everyone within a 5 foot radius. For some reason he zeroed in on us. He said things like, I know you took my chair; if I find out which one of you [unprintable] took my chair, I'm going to kill you; you're all dead. At first this was funny, but the comedy wore off quickly. I went to find a manager and had started to explain when the waitress comes running over whispering something urgently. They take off with me in tow. He's now yelling at another group, but still accusing us of taking his chair. Manager and mullet-vest have conversation that goes something like:
    Mgr: Is there a problem?
    MV: Yeah, those [unprintables] took my chair.
    Mgr: This doesn't have to be a problem...
    MV interrupts: You're making it my [unprintable] problem.
    Mgr: No, I'm just trying to...
    MV: I'm a black belt samaurai and I can kick all of your asses. You're dead.
    Mgr: OK, that's enough.
    <Exits to phone police. Returns with bouncer.>
    As MV exits, he points at us and tells us that he's going to be waiting for us in the parking lot. The scary thing is that he's exactly the kind of nutjob that would be. It's a little ironic he threatened an Asian with kung fu. Apparently, he doesn't know my brother, Jackie Chan. Much sweater vest mullet mimicking ensued. As a side note, the food at KFAN rocks. Also, their TV is bigger than yours. Room for improvement? Radio boxes at each table. Come on, it's KFAN, we have to listen to Madden???

    Tonight, Hyser and I will make noodles and watch Sex in the City. We're addicted.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to spend some quality time with Mom, introducing her to her new cell phone.

    Kickball Thursday (more anti-reflective tape) and Friday's an Old Chicago happy hour followed possibly by Tent Party.

    Also, I was the top scorer in 1 fantasy football league (sorry for the upset DW) and beat Kevin Farmer even after all his trash talking. Priest Holmes who??? :) Next time, we'll have to wager something.

    Peace out.

  • Sunday, September 19, 2004

    Feeling Guilty

    For running late to my Mom's birthday lunch turned dinner and having to leave right after the bill settling for a volleyball game the other team forfeited.

    Friday, September 10, 2004

    Thank you!

    Thanks Hyser, for taking all of those fantastic photos on Friday night. I can't wait to see what the roof of my mouth looks like!

    Thanks Farmer, for driving us to the State Fair and for eating my 2 favorite things with me - Pronto Pups and Corn. I knew you were good shit. This is just further proof. Also, thanks to all of you for partaking in my virgin beer tent experience. The karoake nearly killed Hyser, but the Skyy seemed to revive her.

    Thanks Stand Up Franks for barely leaving me standing.

    Thanks Stacy and Brian for having us over for the great party and to all of your guests for eating all the wings! Ryan thanks everyone in the tourney for letting him take the hold 'em championship :)

    Thanks Ryan for taking care of your sick girlfriend on Monday.

    Bowling starts tomorrow! We're picking up Ryan's new ball tonight and will roll a few games. Tomorrow is also Heather & Mike's anniversary! Congratulations on 5 great years! Sunday, we take the court at Fletcher's.

    Have a great weekend! Go VIKES!

    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    4 hours...

    ...until kick-off !

    I have Corey Dillon and Deion Branch vs. Edgerrin James tonight. This will be the first time I'll have ever been in New England's court.

    Also, we play kickball at 7.

    Some people have foot fetishes. Do I have a kick fetish?

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    The Burbs

    I can't believe it's been a week! So much is new. Including my driver's side window and tire, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Last Friday I was to meet Ryan at Tony's in Apple Valley. I'd agreed to help out with their draft and heckle as often as possible. I left at 5 hoping to arrive around 6. Traffic was surprisingly light and I got to Eagan at 5:20 so I met Ryan at his parents' house. We decided to take one car to Tony's leaving my car parked happily in the street.

    I was armed with Jägermeister and my laptop, both integral to a successful draft. The draft went by quickly and unfortunately for my heckling, nobody drafted David Boston. Post-draft, Brad started a fire and we s'mored and studied Tony's Big Bang Fargo Theory. He believes the city is about to explode and will have its very own NFL team within the next 5-10 years. Personally, I think the only thing close to that prediction is that maybe an NFL player will do 5-10 years there. But what do I know? It got pretty late so we decided to spend the night on the couch.

    Ryan got a phone call at 9am. There was an exasperated "What?!?" followed by a short conversation I tried desperately to tune out. I'd been pretty successful, but I was unable to unhear, "We have to go, your car was vandalized last night". I realized quickly that there was nothing I could do and that crying or kicking something would not accomplish anything. It's funny to me that I can keep calm and stay collected when something big happens, but if I forget something at home, I lose my head. Anyway, we headed to Ryan's parents' to find they'd already finished most of the cleanup themselves. I can't thank them enough for all of their help. It would have taken us all day to do the job ourselves.

    I'm not surprised that there are kids that are this pathetically bored. I just hope it ends here, that they don't graduate to bigger and better things. But I'm sure their path to destruction is already paved well into the future. I find it frustrating that I spend 80% of my time in Minneapolis; downtown, uptown, northeast; And nothing's ever happened. I spend 12 hours in Eagan and my driver's window and front tire is slashed. In EAGAN! This was the 5th incident reported at 9am last Saturday and I'm sure there were more. The weekend prior, 11 cars were damaged and about a month ago, 20+ more and 4 cars were stolen out of garages. All within a 5 mile radius. I know the police can't be everywhere and I have to trust they're doing their jobs. Still, I can't help being pissed that they didn't do a better job of notifying the neighborhood that a rash of vandalism was running rampant! Anyway, at least noone was hurt and it was easy to fix. Besides, I actually don't mind changing tires and my car is spotless now. I must mention that Minneapolis has about 9,500 reported acts of vandalism a year where Eagan has 500. This is not the kind of luck I was hoping for!

    I helped out with another draft on Saturday and impressed them with my "Favre" spelling skills. We didn't end up making the concert but Hyser and Pam had fun. Although they were still defrosting when they got home around midnight :)

    On Monday, I met with an orthopedic specialist and my personal trainer. My shoulder wasn't getting any better and it's been about 6 weeks of not being able to lift my arm straight out at my side. The bad news is that it is, as suspected, my rotator cuff. The good news is that it's not an injury exactly, it's a mis-alignment that can be remedied by specific strengthening exercises and stretching. I still can't believe my personal trainer took time out of her busy day to come with me to this appointment - I don't imagine that it's common for that kind of support. Basically, my ribcage is closer to my hip on my right side, like I'm leaning over. This is pulling my shoulder blade back - instead of it being flat it's out a bit. To compensate, my shoulder is forward and is putting pressure on my rotator cuff. He showed me all of this in the mirror. My right shoulder is at least an inch lower than my left and my right collarbone sticks out much further than my left since my shoulder's forward. He thinks strengthening my back muscles to support my shoulder blade and lengthening my abdominal muscles.will do the trick in about a month. At first I thought that was pretty optimistic, but after 4 days of paying more attention to my posture and shoulder position and carrying my bag on my right side more often, I already have twice the range of motion and hardly any pain. Also, I slept through the night last night - first time I haven't woken up in excruciating pain in weeks!

    Ryan moved into his new place! It's great - faces a nice courtyard and grilling area and it's HUGE! He's going to love having his freedom and a place to call his own. We've been busy moving/settling this week and will do more of the same tonight. After domestication, we might meet up with Farmer, Berg and/or Hyser. Minnetonka's calling!

    Tomorrow Farmer, Hyser, Ryan & I do the fair and maybe more Minnetonka-ing. Sunday I'm making the famous teriyaki wings and we're heading to Stacy and Brian's for some Texas Hold 'Em and football and dancing and drinking. Not necessarily in that order!

    I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Be safe! Enjoy the sunshine. If you're in FL, go north!

    6 days until kickoff! Tailgating will commence on the 12th. Be there or be square.

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