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Mini Golf vs. Keg Stands

Granite City is a microbrewery that serves up some fare that is absolutely delicious. Mom had the garlic sirloin that was so tender and flavorful even I loved it and I had the fire grilled vegetable/portobello tortellini in a delicate cream sauce and finished with parmesan bread crumbs. Even though it's in Maple Grove, I'd go again in a heartbeat. Also, their sports bar has u-shaped booths and lots of flatscreens.

For reasons unknown, I ended up singing Criminal after kickball even though I didn't strike out. This is my official apology to the Sports Page patrons.

The tent party was the most fun. I used my "Norm" Cheers glass and never was charged the 2 tokens it was supposed to cost for a liter of beer. Which also means that I had 2 liters of beer. Thankfully this was over a long period of time so did not end up sick or worse, sleeping at 10pm. Tony & Stockman stayed over. I'm sorry for having that text message war Stock. I hope I didn't actually make that girl cry. Well, much anyway.

I won both of my fantasy football games again. I'd say I'm a force to be reckoned with but in each of my leagues, I play the respective top scorers of week 3 this week. They both have Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Advantage Berger by less than a fraction of a hair because Indy plays the Jags. Please oh please let them have Peyton's number. (Sorry Stacy & Brian, I love you and the Colts, but I'm getting greedy with the fantasy ball). Definitely tired of this "You're only a girl" crap.

The Vikes took Chicago but not as convincingly as we would have liked. The purple and yellow shoes will never leave the top of the TV. I'm sorry I wore them last Monday. It's totally my fault we lost to Philly.

Volleyball was great. We won the first round of the tourney. It's after that when it gets foggy. Something about knowing the bartender and jägermeister and sour apple something and lots of talk about nothing and something and serious and not serious and filling ones purse with matchbooks and serving drinks. Yikes. Monday morning was not so much fun. We should never have to work on Mondays.

We had mini golf after work for work and it was fun. I shot a 69. I did not win anything but I did make a few chip shots out of the woods (literally) and had to fish my ball out from under a pine tree. I think I should win something for being entertaining.

Tonight, Hyser and I will live vicariously through Carrie and the gang again. It's possible this show is corrupting us. We also learn an awful lot about each other.

Have a great week!


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