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Thank you!

Thanks Hyser, for taking all of those fantastic photos on Friday night. I can't wait to see what the roof of my mouth looks like!

Thanks Farmer, for driving us to the State Fair and for eating my 2 favorite things with me - Pronto Pups and Corn. I knew you were good shit. This is just further proof. Also, thanks to all of you for partaking in my virgin beer tent experience. The karoake nearly killed Hyser, but the Skyy seemed to revive her.

Thanks Stand Up Franks for barely leaving me standing.

Thanks Stacy and Brian for having us over for the great party and to all of your guests for eating all the wings! Ryan thanks everyone in the tourney for letting him take the hold 'em championship :)

Thanks Ryan for taking care of your sick girlfriend on Monday.

Bowling starts tomorrow! We're picking up Ryan's new ball tonight and will roll a few games. Tomorrow is also Heather & Mike's anniversary! Congratulations on 5 great years! Sunday, we take the court at Fletcher's.

Have a great weekend! Go VIKES!


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