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MN Sports

Well, the Twins lost at the Big Inflatable. Even so, Jill and I had perfect seats and had a great time at the game. Hate to say the play of the game was a foul ball hit to our section - a guy caught it one handed on the other side of the railing. If he would have missed it, it would have landed in the tunnel via which the Vikings run onto the field.

When Derek Jeter was up to bat in the 2nd inning the status board said:

At Bat Avg. Inning Balls Strikes Outs
...2 ....222 ......2 .......2 .......2 .......2

The Gopher's failed to bring home the Little Brown Jug. The last time they won it from Michigan? 1986. This is the same year the Challenger failed to make it through Earth's atmosphere. Coincidence? Probably.

Bowling was fun. We lost all 7 points but the beer tasted good. Much obnoxious karaoke singing followed. I should really feign laryngitis.

The Vikes beat the Texans 34-28 in overtime when Marcus Robinson pulled in a 50-yard TD reception. The score is no indicator of how this game went. We were up 21-0.

Nothing like MN sports to give you heart palpitations.

Tonight, we bowl and hope Mason pulls in 2 TD's over 200 yards while Ahman Green gets stuffed at the line and fumbles twice.


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