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The Unreal Deal?

Not only did the Titans hold Green to 33 rushing yards, but they forced a fumble! Therefore, Ahman-can't-hold-onto-the-ball-Green scored a whopping 2 points!

Mason had 60 some yards and a TD scoring 12. I won!

Bonus? The Packers played like crap - Green had 3 yards on 4 carries and a fumble lost in the 1st half, Favre threw 3 (should have been 4) interceptions and the 2nd half started out with a bang - the Packers first 4 possessions ended in: Int, Int, muffed punt, fumble lost. Go Pack!

Lambeau field has lost its mystique? The Titans scored the most points ever allowed by the Pack at home.

    Monday Night Maddenisms
  • After the Packers go 3 and out on their first possession of the game:
    You know what you're saying to yourself if you're the Packers? The first 3 plays didn't work, so let's go to the next first 3 plays"
  • Chris Brown gets a 1st down and then some. Madden critiques the Packer defense:
    "The problem there was that part of the defense was playing for the run and part of the defense was playing for the pass." Apparently, you should put all 11 of your defenders on the line if you think they're going to run the ball.
  • Walker makes a sideline catch in the 4th quarter. He has to make an effort to keep his feet inbounds while establishing possession and is seen limping immediately afterwards.
    "I can tell you how Walker was hurt on that play. He was trying to keep his right food in and he put all of his weight on it and kind of put pressure on his joint." Really?


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