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Bits & Bytes

THE TAILGATING PARTY was wildly delicious. Lots of guys from the fantasy football league came and everyone enjoyed the fire, food, & beer. We tried out the Rapid Park. It has potential, but the camaraderie and festive atmosphere of old was missing. And once everyone headed to the dome, homeless people began scouring the area. Security did their best to keep them away, but my guess is that they left with more than they came with. That just didn't happen on Washington. Part of me wants to help, but part of me sees the rest of the group feeling uncomfortable because a smelly man has staggered over and stood by our fire asking strange questions and talking too close. Regardless, it was a great time and you should definitely come next time!

  • 2 turkeys and 3 lbs of cheesy potatoes disappeared.
  • Hyser's rice krispie bars and toffee bars kept people coming back.
  • Her Dad's sausage/vegetable/jalapeno medley had everyone breathing through their mouths.
  • Everything was delectable!!!!
  • Thanks to the neighbors who shared their TV, food & humor with us.

RYAN'S BIRTHDAY was the 17th! I'm sorry I didn't post a "Happy Birthday" for you babe - but we were too busy celebrating! ...which started on Monday...

  • Monday, we bowled and had 3 or 4 a-hoy-hoy's afterwards. Scooby snacks, Liquid Cocaine, you know, the usual. I think we did avoid the Jägermeister, but then again, I could be wrong. Sherry, Randy and Mike are definitely the coolest of the cool.
  • Wednesday, we met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for a work happy hour. Ryan & I arrived early, I gave him his present and we enjoyed a few beers with friends. We headed to Zelo's at about 7:30. Zelo's is incredible. The food was fantastic and the service was unprecedented.
  • Friday, we had reservations at the Capital Grille. Their steak put Manny's to shame. Seriously. And Manny's is my old time favorite. Amazing.
  • Saturday, we bowled with Heather & Mike, took 5 points and settled into the bar with Les. Heather, Mike, Bev, Rick, Diane, Duane, Tim, Josh, Nicole, Jason, Jill, Andy, Jim, Tony, Stockman, Curt, Shelly, Brent, Jennell, John.... I'm sure I'm forgetting a few... we karaoke'ed laughed and karaoke'ed some more. Thanks everyone for coming out to Crystal!!
  • I need a vacation and a second mortgage to get over Ryan's birthday! :)

Last but not least, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all have a great time with friends and family. I hope you find time to relax and feel comforted.

Much love, turkey and lots and lots of buns,


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