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The Power of the Blacklist

The MT-Blacklist plugin is the coolest thing since parachutes.

But I'd underestimated its power. More specifically, I'd gotten so used to it working so perfectly, I'd stopped paying attention to the details.

For example, I'd get spammed, I'd update my blacklist and hit "despam" and it searches through the comments looking for matches. It displays a summary of the matching spam comments and you have the option to delete them.

Awesome. Hardly any work required and spammers get jammed before they spam.

Last night, I was hit by online-generics-store. It had a trailing file name so I wrote code to catch anything online-generics-store instead of just the main page. (online-generics-store)?*([\w\-_.]+\.)

I clicked despam, it displayed the results and I clicked delete. While clicking delete, I realized that it had caught not only the online-generics-store, but also actual comments from you guys, my friends, my pals. It was too late. And I lost all of the comments since July of this year. Apparently, the parenthesis around the domain name and/or the * made it a wildcard of some sort so every comment matched it.

I'm so sad as I base my self-worth soley on the number of comments to this, my self-serving weblog. I'm down to 167 points now. I'm going to eat worms.

But seriously. For other blacklist users... the correct code to catch online-generics-store with any trailing directories/filenames is:


For those of you who care about me, please leave a comment. Then maybe I can stop eating worms.


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Carrie, I CARE!

Hey Cory,

A heartfelt thanks from all the worms you just spared. :)

I've got a lot of work done on the site, but I have to adjust some colors. It's a work in progress, but it will at least be presentable enough to put into production tonight.

I have class until 7:30 and then plan on getting back to work around 8. I should have the new stuff up by 10 or so. Do you have internet access?

I don't know how to get a hold of you but call me tonight if you want, or leave another comment here or e-mail me with how I can reach you - I'll be checking the site.

I figure, if I don't hear from you by Thursday, maybe I'll stop up at the Sports Page.


Cari, If the worms are gummy worms I want to join you.
If they are the dirty, gooey, sticky worms that you fish with, please stop eating them. I care about you and that is too gross to think about.
If it is a Tequila worm.... woo hoo! I'm coming over. haha!
:) Emily

How could I not have thought of the tequila worm!?? We will have to put those margarita glasses of yours to good use soon! We have to have a pre-wedding girls' night, don't we? Pretty soon, you'll be an "old-married" and won't want to come out and play with me anymore. :)

I'm going to be the last man standing and I'm a million years older than you guys.

Now I want to eat worms again.

Oh Cari, that is a bummer! I care too!

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