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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I forgot to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! I'm so sorry... belated wishes to you now - and cheers to a very happy new year!

We're getting very close to cutting to the new Avaya solution at work. I'm excited. I'm nervous. Scratch that. Scared to death, and totally, utterly overprepared.

I'm excited about the progress on the HitMenDJs.com website I'm designing. I hope that it brings Cory a lot of business. And maybe, just maybe, he'll recommend me to do other sites! We should be cutting the red ribbon in a couple of weeks, so expect a more formal announcement soon!

I won my fantasy football league even though all 3 of my running backs fell short of the 100 yard marker. My opponent's kicker scoring 0 points and the Roy Williams/Jimmy Smith disaster helped. Excellent, now I can afford to eat in January.

I hope you're all well, warm and comfortable. Enjoy the New Year's celebration, but be safe.

Friday, December 17, 2004

I haven't

  • Written my annual Christmas poem.
  • Started Christmas shopping.
  • Purchased the fabric for the 5 blankets I'm making much less started on them.
  • Started processing Claudia's 2nd birthday party pictures.
  • Gotten a good night's sleep in ages.

I am

  • Going insane.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Baby baby!

I've been going to St. Scholastica for over a year and I just realized today that I can post to my website from here. It might be worth my trouble to bring my laptop in after all!

I finally bought a computer for home. Anyone have a use for a 133mhz Acer? It has a 2 GB hard drive!!! A great door stop and dust collector.

Speaking of babies...

I didn't announce formally that my friends in Sweden, Julian and Annelie had their baby bunting, Albin, on September 30th. He's such a beautiful boy.

I missed Stephanie & Martos' baby Jazzlyn's birthday - she was born a healthy happy baby girl on October 11th. I can't wait to see you next Thursday!

Susie and Keith are also expecting, due on April 10th. She's quite possibly the cutest she's ever been - and that's amazing in itself!

My cousin Debby is expecting her 4th boy.

Kari and Erik await their bundle of joy.

And my personal trainer is due at the end of March.


Monday, December 06, 2004

Terrible Two's?

Claudia enters her terrible two's today but I don't see how they'll ever actually be terrible. She's such a sweetheart, full of energy and love. So expressive and intense. And she loves her baby dolls.

Happy birthday, Princess!


After a very non-public outcry from the Northern Hemisphere Worm Fellowship, I would like to formally apologize for the threat of mass worm endangerment.

No actual worms were harmed due to my overreaction to my website's comment deletion mishap.

I do value the lives of the common worm and I do not feel that I am above them in any way. Except maybe about the fact that I'm not afraid of sparrows.

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