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New Stuff

  • Hit Men DJs is now being advertised on The Knot. It was a mad rush to get at least the wedding pages looking good and as of now, you can pay your deposit online using PayPal if you want to book Hit Men DJs!

  • I taught myself how to knit last week and spent over 8 hours making a scarf for Emily that I thought would take 2 hours. Apparently, the guage of needles I used = 6-8 stitches per inch where the guage I estimated by = 2 stiches per inch. Notable? That I also decided I would make 3 more. By this Sunday. This Friday is an all-nighter-scarf-knitting-party. Wanna come?

  • The Vikings go to Philly this Sunday after stuffing a loss clear down Brett Favre's throat. Sorry Wendy, we love your stew and company, but there's no love lost with your team :). At least you won the first time we got together!

  • Sigh. Someday, I'll get to sleep before 3am and wake up without such hatred towards the light.

    Hope you're all well! Go Vikes!

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