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Sorry I've been MIA for so long!

I hope that everything is well with you!

Wow a lot is new.

Susie and Keith welcomed Kennedy Susan into this brave new world on Thursday January 27th. She was a precious 2 lbs. 6 oz. but she's grown very strong and was even breathing on her own on the 28th. She's impressing everyone daily - doing things that nobody thought was possible! Mom and Dad are doing very well as well, but can't wait to bring Kennedy home.

Ryan and I both have new jobs. I start mine on the 14th... & I can hardly wait!! I'm sad to leave BT though. I will miss working with my friends. I'm going to Guidant which ironically, is in the same building. My new office will be upstairs and around the corner. It's a great opportunity and I'm sure it was the right move. I just hope the transition goes well here. I've been busy the past 2 weeks creating a web guide to Telecom. My replacement has no call center or telecom background so they have a lot to chew on. I hope the guide will be helpful to them. I'm reminded by everyone I'm surrounded by, not to worry so much - that it's not my responsibility, but well, apparently I'm not convinced.

Ryan's going to Rosemount Office Systems to engineer customized office furniture/storage/equipment. He starts on the 21st. It's a smaller company and seems to be a real laid back atmosphere so he's sure to love it. Most definitely getting paid benefits will be cause for celebration.

Friday > Blue Fox > Celebrate.

More later.


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Gee. Benefits. Celebrate.

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