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Feeling Guilty

For not knowing where my feet are. And it freaks me out so I just put 'em down in places that I shouldn't.


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I now what u mean bout putting ur feetdown and not knowing. Im like somtimes thinking What the fuck am I doing Now!! or again U only live and die once though Rite

That's right; and if you never venture out and put your foot down at some point, I suppose you end up spending your whole life with your head up in the clouds. Some say ignorance is bliss, but how boring is that?

P.S. I think I found my feet.

Some might think that putting ones' feet in places that are unknown would constitute as a learning experience. This is one way that we could learn to appreciate what we already know.

Isn't that the truth! Are you "THE" Tony Hernandez???? If so, it'd be great to catch up, send me an e-mail sometime. I hope you're doing well. You got to see me during some pretty dark times those years ago... I'm sorry for that.

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