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Small World

I've been having the usual work history talk with some of the telecom guys here - it's funny how we all seem to have just fallen into the industry. I credit my start to Dominic DesMarais who hired me into Call Management at Damark so many years ago.

I just applied for a mortgage last Tuesday.

These seem unrelated, but Wednesday night, I got a mass mail postcard with Dominic's photo on it. He's a Mortage Advisor. I wrote him and we caught up briefly - he may be able to help me with my mortgage and I may be able to help him with a website. Funny how things work out! If you're looking for a home > e-mail Dominic!

Kennedy should be coming home in 2 weeks. I'm so excited for Sus & Keith! Also, it was Susie's birthday yesterday. Oh to be 25 again :)

Hey did you know that you can get Internet connection at HOME? I'm going to splurge so I should have more time to devote to this, and hitmendjs.com which Cory will be happy about. I'm SO sorry that I haven't been a faster worker. It's hard to work when you have to transfer files all over the place and wait in line for 20 minutes at the business office only to realize you have the wrong version on the flash drive.

Sherry & Randy's baby chihuahuas are the cutest, sweetest, tiniest packages of love ever. I will post pictures. I just can't promise when.

Speaking of cute, I bought a cute little plant from Target. I didn't want to over-water it, so I under-watered it and it's waifing away. Now I've probably drowned it. I'm sure there's a happy medium in there somewhere. If I could only find it.

Such is life. There's more to tell but I'm not sure how and right now isn't probably the best time since I have to start work. I love my job but man, does work get in the way :)

Happy Monday everyone.


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