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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Get In Gear

Just got home from the Get In Gear 10K. I'm wiped out! It was COLD this morning! I ran to the train station and barely resisted the temptation to turn around and go home! I love the light rail, I got to Minnehaha Park at 8. Helped Alan hand out the team numbers and Championchips before lining up at the starting gate. My original goal was 48 minutes but that was before running too hard on Wednesday and pulling my quads pretty bad. Thankfully, they healed up pretty well by this morning, but definitely not 100%. My modified goal was to beat an hour. The cold hurt at first but by the end of the race, it was perfect. There was quite the turnout, I've never run in such a pack before. I finished in 53:04. Not too bad, only 5 minutes slower than my first goal and 7 minutes faster than my second. I can live with that! I had to walk home from the station. My muscles were kicking and screaming the whole way home. Plus my arms were full of the free stuff from the race. That's my excuse anyway!

I love that work sponsors stuff like this. It still surprises me that they pay for employees and their guests. My only complaint is that there were NO water stands at the finish line and the line for food was a mile long. For such a large event, you'd think they'd have water available everywhere!

Gotta rest up now and prepare my body for beer intake tonight :) I'm looking forward to the bowling banquet! Appropriately enough, I will be stopping by Sherry and Randy's afterwards as they are having a post-Lacrosse-game party.

Peace and shoelaces,


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy Bee-lated Birthday


I'm sorry I'm late to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had a great day yesterday, Ms. Honeybee.

Sounds like I may get to see you tonight, but for sure on Sunday!

Be The Fly

We had an off-site meeting today. We brainstormed our Team's vision after breakfast and enjoyed a homecooked café lunch in Wisconsin. That had to be the most effective workshop I've ever been involved in. I really feel lucky to be a part of such a great team and under such strong leadership. I started 2 1/2 months ago and not a single day has gone by that I haven't been impressed.

We went fly fishing with 2 guides in the most beautiful stream I've ever seen. This time of year, the foliage is the most amazing shade of green and the sound of the water as it trickles over the rock laden shallows is just plain calming. Unless you have to pee in which case, good luck with those waders. I caught a 15" trout and had quite a few other bites, just no other catches. It's tough to bring a fish in without losing them to the slack in the line.

Fly fishing is fun, it's natural and peaceful. I definitely need to go again. I got that "centered" feeling. I love that feeling. Plus I had the coolest waders that went up to my neck. Therefore, I felt the need to get in up to my neck. They have this picture of me shoulder-deep casting above my head. I guess you could say that I got into it.

Afterwards the guys and I went to Lindey's and had a dry-aged steak. If you want no nonsense excellent food, Lindey's is your place. Unassumingly tucked away just east of Snelling on Co Rd E in Arden Hills. They even have a park named after them.

Catch and release. That's my motto until it's not.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


What a fantastic weekend!

Friday, Randy, Sherry, Mike and I headed up to the Green Mill after work on Friday to celebrate one more time with the bowling league. And to collect our championship money :)

Afterwards, Randy, Sherry, Chris and I headed downtown for the Ron White show. It was hysterical! We'd heard that he repeats a lot of his older material but he only repeated his best stuff. And even that had a new spin to it. I wish I could remember more of his jokes even though I'd only succeed at putting them to shame. Randy & Sherry had to head up north so they dropped me off at home around 9.

Miss Sutherlin and I headed out to Old Chicago where we ran into Ty and we braved the rain together as we headed to the Drink. Where we ran into Rob, Adam, etc. and went with them to the Lodge. It's a nice place but a $6 cover charge? Sadly I didn't see Tony until after paying. From there we ventured to Northeast running into who else but Scott Althaus on the way. We played volleyball together 2 years ago and have run into each other at several different places at least a half dozen times since then. He'd misplaced his friends so he joined us at the karaoke bar. Rob sang Crazy Train and we headed to White Castle. I love jalapeno burgers!

Saturday morning, I crawled out of bed and headed to the Target Center for a quick workout before heading up to Duluth. I met Randy, Sherry, Tom, Lori and Randy's daughter Heather at Grandma's for dinner, picked up some goods at the LQ and headed to Derek's to see them off to their Lacrosse game. The game (vs. the U of M) was awesome. UMD came out strong but a U of M injury disrupted the momentum. The guy was on the field for at least 30 minutes before being carted off to the hospital. Last I'd heard, his head injury didn't end up being too serious. The Gophers came back and led by 2 with 3 minutes to go. UMD scored 3 goals to win the game. 2 of them within 40 seconds!

We stopped at the hotel and walked to Grandma's to celebrate. I had intentions of bar hopping, going to Superior, a college kegger. But ended up spending the entire night at Grandma's. After having dinner at Grandma's. I went up to Duluth and went to one bar! But had a blast. I introduced Kendra to the infamous Chocolate Cake shot and hung out with Derek's friends. I'll give you 1 guess at their ages. <laughing> Duluth is the new Vegas.

We danced until we couldn't take the heat any longer. I paid my $15 bar tab (that supplied 4 people. Yes, I love Duluth!) and we headed to the hotel. It was just gorgeous outside. Perfect post-bar walking weather. Randy, Heather, Tom and Lori returned from Superior at 3am. We enjoyed another brew or 2 before finally turning in for the night... er morning.

Randy & Sherry headed to Derek's 10:30 game, Tom & Lori relaxed at the hotel and Nick & I headed to his friends' house. I decided to drink the beer Randy slipped into my bag at 11:30. Then someone had the bright idea for bloody maries. I forgot that the morning-after-beer-Beer makes you drunk very fast. Throwing the football helped me keep my balance and from falling asleep! We hung out there in the sunshine until showtime.

Met at Derek's and headed to the Decc. Larry the Cable Guy was hilarious! I laughed so hard at his Christmas Carols, it hurt!

We headed back to Minneapolis right after the show. Stopped in Hinckley for some food after I realized I hadn't eaten all day. Only some cereal at the hotel. Nick reminded me that I passed up pizza and later, KFC. He's smarter than I. He wasn't hungry either but knew better than not to eat since that might be (and was) our last chance for sustenance! Sometimes I wonder if this college education is really doing anything!! One Red Bull later, I was finally not fighting off what felt like imminent sleep. That drive would have been impossible without him talking to me the whole way home!

I made it safely home at 10pm. I was pleasantly surprised since I'd half-expected to get home at midnight. I even got a chance to catch up with my Hyser! I absolutely cannot wait for this Saturday. It's a girls' day! We're going to the Vikings Draft Party on Saturday, Bobino for dinner (finally spending the $50 GC) and then out for the typical libations.

Rock on.

Enjoy the week!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Feeling Guilty

I am no longer allowed to post after drinking any beer.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Exhaustion Induced Clumsiness

I'm suffering from the above. I am so tired I have lost all coordination (what small lot of cordination I had to begin with!)

A co-worker borrowed one of my extra chairs and returned it without my knowing. Other co-workers were waiting for me to head out for lunch. In my haste, I failed to see the chair obstruction, ran it over, hung desperately onto the arm as it rolled into the wall, stopping abruptly and sending me shoulder first into the metal door frame with a clang. Just loud enough so that everyone in the office area poked their heads out to assess the situation. I tripped down the last couple of chairs and warned the group that I may be a liability today. I made it through lunch without any chopstick mishaps but tripped into the truck on the way out and bruised my knee.

I will not be driving tonight. In fact, I'm considering leaving my car at work and taking a cab home. It would be my contribution to the community.

I will try to stay safe and sane tonight. We head to the bowling banquet cocktail hour at 4:30. For bragging rights and to collect our championship money. Then onto Ron White. Afterwards, I'm sure I'll meet the girls out and try to avoid the 22 year olds.

Other notables:

  • I finished the Old Chicago Spring Mini Tour (A heartfelt "thank you" to those friends and strangers who helped contribute to the cause) with Kris who I hadn't seen in what seems like years. And they had small t-shirts. I love Old Chicago. Almost as much as Old Chicago loves me.

  • Did you know that if you finish 10 beer tours, you get a 40 oz. pewter mug that you can keep at your favorite Old Chicago? And they'll fill it up with your favorite brew for 2.50. 1,100 beers. Excellent.

  • Kris and I have to get together more often. Because we can.

  • I met Jill Sutherlin when Jill Hyser redeemed her free bar tab at the Wild Onion 2 years ago. We had our share of martinis and a cute waiter. We must have made quite the impression because he recognized us. 2 years later. Regarding the 22 year old rule, he might have been 22 then, but he's not 22 anymore. So there.

  • I spend too much time in bars downtown. On my runs home from the Target Center, I happen by quite a few of the usual places. I think it's a bad sign when you're running and several of the bar bouncers stop you to say hi. At different bars.

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2005


    I spent the whole day with Mom on Friday.

    It was so nice.

    There's just something about being with Mom when you're sick.

    Thanks for the great day!

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Little Falls

    I managed not to have any little falls in Little Falls!

    Mike and I met at Randy and Sherry's at 10am on that beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining, the jello shots glistening and we were on our way. We stopped at a couple of local bars on the way and made it to Mike and Marsha's by 3 armed with a 9 foot Subway and 3 lbs of Special K bars. They have such a great house; it's big but comfortable and features a massive deck on a huge barely frozen over lake. We settled in, grabbed a beer and enjoyed a great meal and even greater stories. Pictures abounded as proof of what we could expect in the next 12 hours.

    We headed to the broken spoke? Or was it the hub? The bus was there and ready to take us to the tournament, jello shots and all.

    We had a couple more beers before bowling which might explain why I missed my 300 game. Randy however, shamed us with his 298! For those of you non-bowling-geeks, no-tap is when you score a strike if you get 9 or 10 pins with your first ball. In theory, you should bowl better, but in actuality, it just guarantees lots of 8's :)

    We bar hopped back to the broken spoke where we stopped in for a few more and some fabulous fried chicken - nice 'n golden and cold just like the beer. Safely back home, we brought out the 9-foot subway, the rest of the food and finally turned in around 3am.

    It was a great time; I can't wait until next year! Only next year, I get the top bunk.

    Other bowling news:
    I won 4th place in the Minneapolis 500 Club tournament last month and our Monday Night team won the league championship! Bowling is more fun when it's not reaching into your pockets and pulling out wads of cash by the fistful!

    Saturday, April 09, 2005


    I'm finally feeling a little better. I've had the flu since Tuesday. It hit me pretty hard. Sadly though, mostly because I undermedicated myself. I've always kind of let the fever run its course and only taken medicine when I really needed it which might explain why I didn't start taking ibuprofen until Wednesday. I also had learned that doctors don't do anything for viruses so not even to bother going in.

    Times have changed.

    I finally went to the doc on Thursday since my fever went up 1.5 degrees for the 3rd day in a row. Not only did I find out I should have been taking more ibuprofen and staggering it with Tylenol, but if I would have come in even 12 hours earlier, I could have had a shot to help with my symptoms. Who knew?

    I went home, started the regular doses of meds and my fever broke for the first time. It came back as soon as the meds wore thin, but at least the discomfort was lessened so that I could nap. I was so uncomfortable on Wednesday, I couldn't even sleep!!

    Lessons learned:

  • If you think you have the flu, go to the doctor right away. I have access to minute clinics all over the metro; 15 minutes in and out and on with your life. I can't believe I missed this simple step!

  • Medicine was invented to make you more comfortable. Use it.

    After all that's been said and done, having the flu is a great excuse to get new fluffy pillows and unders. Here's a little secret, Kohl's has very cute (read: sexy) ones for under $5.

    Love and Lysol,


  • Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Cari-ism #923

    Between jello shots, everyone found time to enjoy the great spread everyone contributed to. I've already mentioned the cream puffs, but after the first bite I nearly melted and asked, "Who said you can't eat happiness?!?"

    To which everyone replied, "Well, Hello, Happiness"

    I have a new nickname.

    Monday, April 04, 2005


    In case you've never been to Gastof's, the basement (Mario's) is usually a cloud of smoke. Friday night I was amazed at how much of a difference the smoking ban made. I was looking forward to not coming home smelling like a cigarette, but you can actually see and RECOGNIZE the bartenders from the dance floor.

    We reveled over this for a moment and then realized that this also meant that we could be seen from everywhere too. No more crazy dancing hidden by a haze of smoke.

    Sorry Smokers, I'm glad for the ban!

    Gastof's was preceded by a great dinner at Pracna and followed by some drunk-special-K-bar-making. Thankfully I was able to phone-a-friend to talk me through it or I might have forgotten to add the peanut butter :)

    The Little Falls No-Tap tourney was a great time. So great that I have to properly dedicate the time to document it; so pictures and stories will follow. Soon.

    Have a great Monday! Wish us luck tonight; we bowl for the championship!

    Saturday, April 02, 2005


    Who said you can't eat happiness?

    I'm on a HUGE lake, in a comfortable house eating cream puffs that guarantee I will have gained 5 lbs by tomorrow.

    Let's bowl. Post-Jello-Shots.

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