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Be The Fly

We had an off-site meeting today. We brainstormed our Team's vision after breakfast and enjoyed a homecooked café lunch in Wisconsin. That had to be the most effective workshop I've ever been involved in. I really feel lucky to be a part of such a great team and under such strong leadership. I started 2 1/2 months ago and not a single day has gone by that I haven't been impressed.

We went fly fishing with 2 guides in the most beautiful stream I've ever seen. This time of year, the foliage is the most amazing shade of green and the sound of the water as it trickles over the rock laden shallows is just plain calming. Unless you have to pee in which case, good luck with those waders. I caught a 15" trout and had quite a few other bites, just no other catches. It's tough to bring a fish in without losing them to the slack in the line.

Fly fishing is fun, it's natural and peaceful. I definitely need to go again. I got that "centered" feeling. I love that feeling. Plus I had the coolest waders that went up to my neck. Therefore, I felt the need to get in up to my neck. They have this picture of me shoulder-deep casting above my head. I guess you could say that I got into it.

Afterwards the guys and I went to Lindey's and had a dry-aged steak. If you want no nonsense excellent food, Lindey's is your place. Unassumingly tucked away just east of Snelling on Co Rd E in Arden Hills. They even have a park named after them.

Catch and release. That's my motto until it's not.


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