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Exhaustion Induced Clumsiness

I'm suffering from the above. I am so tired I have lost all coordination (what small lot of cordination I had to begin with!)

A co-worker borrowed one of my extra chairs and returned it without my knowing. Other co-workers were waiting for me to head out for lunch. In my haste, I failed to see the chair obstruction, ran it over, hung desperately onto the arm as it rolled into the wall, stopping abruptly and sending me shoulder first into the metal door frame with a clang. Just loud enough so that everyone in the office area poked their heads out to assess the situation. I tripped down the last couple of chairs and warned the group that I may be a liability today. I made it through lunch without any chopstick mishaps but tripped into the truck on the way out and bruised my knee.

I will not be driving tonight. In fact, I'm considering leaving my car at work and taking a cab home. It would be my contribution to the community.

I will try to stay safe and sane tonight. We head to the bowling banquet cocktail hour at 4:30. For bragging rights and to collect our championship money. Then onto Ron White. Afterwards, I'm sure I'll meet the girls out and try to avoid the 22 year olds.

Other notables:

  • I finished the Old Chicago Spring Mini Tour (A heartfelt "thank you" to those friends and strangers who helped contribute to the cause) with Kris who I hadn't seen in what seems like years. And they had small t-shirts. I love Old Chicago. Almost as much as Old Chicago loves me.

  • Did you know that if you finish 10 beer tours, you get a 40 oz. pewter mug that you can keep at your favorite Old Chicago? And they'll fill it up with your favorite brew for 2.50. 1,100 beers. Excellent.

  • Kris and I have to get together more often. Because we can.

  • I met Jill Sutherlin when Jill Hyser redeemed her free bar tab at the Wild Onion 2 years ago. We had our share of martinis and a cute waiter. We must have made quite the impression because he recognized us. 2 years later. Regarding the 22 year old rule, he might have been 22 then, but he's not 22 anymore. So there.

  • I spend too much time in bars downtown. On my runs home from the Target Center, I happen by quite a few of the usual places. I think it's a bad sign when you're running and several of the bar bouncers stop you to say hi. At different bars.

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