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What a fantastic weekend!

Friday, Randy, Sherry, Mike and I headed up to the Green Mill after work on Friday to celebrate one more time with the bowling league. And to collect our championship money :)

Afterwards, Randy, Sherry, Chris and I headed downtown for the Ron White show. It was hysterical! We'd heard that he repeats a lot of his older material but he only repeated his best stuff. And even that had a new spin to it. I wish I could remember more of his jokes even though I'd only succeed at putting them to shame. Randy & Sherry had to head up north so they dropped me off at home around 9.

Miss Sutherlin and I headed out to Old Chicago where we ran into Ty and we braved the rain together as we headed to the Drink. Where we ran into Rob, Adam, etc. and went with them to the Lodge. It's a nice place but a $6 cover charge? Sadly I didn't see Tony until after paying. From there we ventured to Northeast running into who else but Scott Althaus on the way. We played volleyball together 2 years ago and have run into each other at several different places at least a half dozen times since then. He'd misplaced his friends so he joined us at the karaoke bar. Rob sang Crazy Train and we headed to White Castle. I love jalapeno burgers!

Saturday morning, I crawled out of bed and headed to the Target Center for a quick workout before heading up to Duluth. I met Randy, Sherry, Tom, Lori and Randy's daughter Heather at Grandma's for dinner, picked up some goods at the LQ and headed to Derek's to see them off to their Lacrosse game. The game (vs. the U of M) was awesome. UMD came out strong but a U of M injury disrupted the momentum. The guy was on the field for at least 30 minutes before being carted off to the hospital. Last I'd heard, his head injury didn't end up being too serious. The Gophers came back and led by 2 with 3 minutes to go. UMD scored 3 goals to win the game. 2 of them within 40 seconds!

We stopped at the hotel and walked to Grandma's to celebrate. I had intentions of bar hopping, going to Superior, a college kegger. But ended up spending the entire night at Grandma's. After having dinner at Grandma's. I went up to Duluth and went to one bar! But had a blast. I introduced Kendra to the infamous Chocolate Cake shot and hung out with Derek's friends. I'll give you 1 guess at their ages. <laughing> Duluth is the new Vegas.

We danced until we couldn't take the heat any longer. I paid my $15 bar tab (that supplied 4 people. Yes, I love Duluth!) and we headed to the hotel. It was just gorgeous outside. Perfect post-bar walking weather. Randy, Heather, Tom and Lori returned from Superior at 3am. We enjoyed another brew or 2 before finally turning in for the night... er morning.

Randy & Sherry headed to Derek's 10:30 game, Tom & Lori relaxed at the hotel and Nick & I headed to his friends' house. I decided to drink the beer Randy slipped into my bag at 11:30. Then someone had the bright idea for bloody maries. I forgot that the morning-after-beer-Beer makes you drunk very fast. Throwing the football helped me keep my balance and from falling asleep! We hung out there in the sunshine until showtime.

Met at Derek's and headed to the Decc. Larry the Cable Guy was hilarious! I laughed so hard at his Christmas Carols, it hurt!

We headed back to Minneapolis right after the show. Stopped in Hinckley for some food after I realized I hadn't eaten all day. Only some cereal at the hotel. Nick reminded me that I passed up pizza and later, KFC. He's smarter than I. He wasn't hungry either but knew better than not to eat since that might be (and was) our last chance for sustenance! Sometimes I wonder if this college education is really doing anything!! One Red Bull later, I was finally not fighting off what felt like imminent sleep. That drive would have been impossible without him talking to me the whole way home!

I made it safely home at 10pm. I was pleasantly surprised since I'd half-expected to get home at midnight. I even got a chance to catch up with my Hyser! I absolutely cannot wait for this Saturday. It's a girls' day! We're going to the Vikings Draft Party on Saturday, Bobino for dinner (finally spending the $50 GC) and then out for the typical libations.

Rock on.

Enjoy the week!


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