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Feeling Guilty

I am no longer allowed to post after drinking any beer.


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Same stuff you wrote two years ago. Just imagine the things you say that you cannot simply delete from the record. Think fast.

The good news is that I don't have to hide behind false names and pretenses.

Whatever you say, Cloe.

I don't want to do this publicly. I don't want to be misunderstood for being vindictive. But I'm not the party making this public. And well, this surrounds something that I'd originally shared with all of you so maybe you're entitled to an explanation.



None of this is, or has to be, a big deal - I'm not angry or upset. Only baffled that my life still means this much to you. Yet somehow, I understand.

I only want to point out that it's an entirely different story to use a pseudo-name on a message board that is designed to help you through a situation. Anonymity is not something that I was hiding behind. Its purpose was objectivity and respecting others' right to privacy.

You don't have to hide behind the false names, Tim. Habib, Joni, Sniggi, Phil, whatever.

You don't have to be afraid of who you really are. I'm not.

Psuedos are not the point.

So indulge me, what is your point?

Seems your point is that you feel better about yourself to think that you can hurt me.

The only way you have affected me is to tarnish my memory of you. And that's too bad because I had credited you for so many parts of who I am today. So many! It was strange for me to realize that while I've grown, you've not. I thought you'd always be ahead of me.

I don't hold any ill feelings toward you and I really just wish you all of the best, always have. And I'm sorry for whatever it is that you're missing.

It's time to grow up now though. If you want to be negative, there's no need to do it here. It won't do you any good except to make yourself look a fool.

The point: you posted a story about a trip to Duluth. You deleted it. You posted that you felt guilty about posting after drinking beer. The two are probably related.

Logical jump: perhaps you say things that you would like to take back.

Fact: it's not possible.

Editorial: thinking first might prevent such events

Tangent: Psuedos

But I can.

Because this is my website.

And I'm going to stop gratifying you with a response. I overlooked the fact that my time is valuable, and this is far from worth it.

Your comments will no longer be kept here. Since you won't stay out of my life, apparently I must block you. Harassment is unattractive.

So I spose this dude never says anything he wished he could take back. I wish I could be perfect to. What a psycho.

I'm glad someone finally said something! As a mother, my advice to you is to be very cautious. I understand why you had to respond but you made the right choice by stopping all contact. Simple meddling such as this, is many times much deeper unrest in disguise. Lock your doors and protect yourself by tracking everything. There is recourse for e-mail/internet stalking. My husband is a lawyer. Get in touch with me if you need to. I've sent you an e-mail with my real contact information.

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