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Get In Gear

Just got home from the Get In Gear 10K. I'm wiped out! It was COLD this morning! I ran to the train station and barely resisted the temptation to turn around and go home! I love the light rail, I got to Minnehaha Park at 8. Helped Alan hand out the team numbers and Championchips before lining up at the starting gate. My original goal was 48 minutes but that was before running too hard on Wednesday and pulling my quads pretty bad. Thankfully, they healed up pretty well by this morning, but definitely not 100%. My modified goal was to beat an hour. The cold hurt at first but by the end of the race, it was perfect. There was quite the turnout, I've never run in such a pack before. I finished in 53:04. Not too bad, only 5 minutes slower than my first goal and 7 minutes faster than my second. I can live with that! I had to walk home from the station. My muscles were kicking and screaming the whole way home. Plus my arms were full of the free stuff from the race. That's my excuse anyway!

I love that work sponsors stuff like this. It still surprises me that they pay for employees and their guests. My only complaint is that there were NO water stands at the finish line and the line for food was a mile long. For such a large event, you'd think they'd have water available everywhere!

Gotta rest up now and prepare my body for beer intake tonight :) I'm looking forward to the bowling banquet! Appropriately enough, I will be stopping by Sherry and Randy's afterwards as they are having a post-Lacrosse-game party.

Peace and shoelaces,



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