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Little Falls

I managed not to have any little falls in Little Falls!

Mike and I met at Randy and Sherry's at 10am on that beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining, the jello shots glistening and we were on our way. We stopped at a couple of local bars on the way and made it to Mike and Marsha's by 3 armed with a 9 foot Subway and 3 lbs of Special K bars. They have such a great house; it's big but comfortable and features a massive deck on a huge barely frozen over lake. We settled in, grabbed a beer and enjoyed a great meal and even greater stories. Pictures abounded as proof of what we could expect in the next 12 hours.

We headed to the broken spoke? Or was it the hub? The bus was there and ready to take us to the tournament, jello shots and all.

We had a couple more beers before bowling which might explain why I missed my 300 game. Randy however, shamed us with his 298! For those of you non-bowling-geeks, no-tap is when you score a strike if you get 9 or 10 pins with your first ball. In theory, you should bowl better, but in actuality, it just guarantees lots of 8's :)

We bar hopped back to the broken spoke where we stopped in for a few more and some fabulous fried chicken - nice 'n golden and cold just like the beer. Safely back home, we brought out the 9-foot subway, the rest of the food and finally turned in around 3am.

It was a great time; I can't wait until next year! Only next year, I get the top bunk.

Other bowling news:
I won 4th place in the Minneapolis 500 Club tournament last month and our Monday Night team won the league championship! Bowling is more fun when it's not reaching into your pockets and pulling out wads of cash by the fistful!


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