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In case you've never been to Gastof's, the basement (Mario's) is usually a cloud of smoke. Friday night I was amazed at how much of a difference the smoking ban made. I was looking forward to not coming home smelling like a cigarette, but you can actually see and RECOGNIZE the bartenders from the dance floor.

We reveled over this for a moment and then realized that this also meant that we could be seen from everywhere too. No more crazy dancing hidden by a haze of smoke.

Sorry Smokers, I'm glad for the ban!

Gastof's was preceded by a great dinner at Pracna and followed by some drunk-special-K-bar-making. Thankfully I was able to phone-a-friend to talk me through it or I might have forgotten to add the peanut butter :)

The Little Falls No-Tap tourney was a great time. So great that I have to properly dedicate the time to document it; so pictures and stories will follow. Soon.

Have a great Monday! Wish us luck tonight; we bowl for the championship!


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