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Girls & Relative Relatives

Emily's Bachelorette party was fabulous. I think I counted 16 girls and not a single ounce of drama, nor a tear shed. We started out at 6 at The Bird for 2 for 1's and tasty dollar burgers. Emily got some great gifts and we got the party started. There was a radio announcement, a shot with Craig, mad onstage dancing, and smiles all around. I can hardly wait for her wedding in 9 days!

Some of us went to Dennys for some post-bar fare. I was served up the best omelet I've had in ages. Seriously, it could have been the alcohol, but it was mighty delicious! We paid and were on our way out when we were halted. Apparently there was a big fight in the parking lot as 6 squads and much commotion was happening outdoors. We waited in the lobby and overheard a girl saying there was a group of Asian people in custody. Shortly thereafter, a very ignorant man walked out of the bathroom, nearly passed me before pausing to ask, "So why aren't you out there?" To which I explained, "Well, actually, I try to let my relatives duke it out themselves."

The burbs. You gotta love 'em, but you don't have to live in 'em.


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