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Rated NC-17

Went to the Twins game last night.

Sat next to 2 small boys and their Dad.

Said "Shit" and cowered afterwards too many times.

Also said, "I think I believed in Santa Claus until then"

To which Russ responded, "First you're a trucker, now you're ruining Christmas!"

Thankfully I think the whole thing was lost on the boys and am certain they still believe in that guy in the big red suit.

I topped the whole thing off by giving them the Wally the Beerman cards Russ got for us. I gave them beerman cards.

I'm definitely destroying America's next generation.


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I want to party with you, cowgirl.

You have farm animals in Minnesota?

Glad there are others who want to take part in breaking down generation X 2. It's certainly too big of a job for 1 person to do alone!

There are farms with animals in Minnesota, yes. If it's sheep you're looking for, however, you'll have the best luck in Wales. Just bring your own sheep dog.

Wont be in Wales. You think they have any in Germany?

I consulted my Magic 8-Ball:

Signs point to yes

I think you're in luck.

The sheep says, "Baaaa"


"Hey baby, what's your sign?"

Wouldn't ewe like to know? :)

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