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Stacy & Brian's annual Memorial Day poker tournament was a blast as usual. This time, I antied up and played. You know how watching ER gives you a false sense of medical knowledge? Watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN gave me the courage to join in the Texas Hold Em action.

I've played a couple of hands in my lifetime. Enough to know how transparent I am. Couple that with my conservative gambling nature and well, let's just say I wasn't born to play this game.

Shockingly however, the first round I finished 5th out of 12 and 2nd round, I came in 2nd. I lost when Todd went all in with pocket 7's to my pocket 5's. So so sad. But there are no losers here, I doubled my money and have some bragging rights! I mean, I got Brice back for taking me out the first go round.

Here's proof...

And here's proof of my sorry poker face... especially at 5am.

I love my new camera. I promise to finish the zillion albums I'm working on before 2010.

Hope you all had as prosperous of a Memorial Day weekend!


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