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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


What has happened in the last week, you ask?

I don't know.

I don't remember.

Perhaps there is a reason I can't.

Maybe what I don't know, won't hurt me.

Now that's naive.

But that's my middle name.

If you have any information leading to the arrest of my runaway memories, please contact me immediately. Depending on whether the memory you return is good or bad, a reward may be in store. And don't get me wrong, the bad memories might be more valuable to have back in my head. I just have to hope that they haven't skipped town stowed away in someone else's.

Oy vey!

Last week's case file:

Monday spent quality time with Jill and Kevin in Champps alley on her birthday. Enjoyed Bud Light and Kevin's surprise I was drinking it since I was adamantly opposed to it last summer. Even stated that if I could stomach the first one I could probably drink the 2nd. I failed to finish the first. That being said, I didn't like Miller Light the first time I drank it but by the 2nd time, I'd given up Mich Golden Light in favor of it. Then I hated Coors Light when I got to Texas but left with no other choices, succumbed to it by the 3rd or 4th try. And now, Bud Light has grown on me. So I'm impressionable. But more importantly, I support my friends. Russ, this Bud's for you. And this one's for me. Or these 2 are for me. OK, fine, all 3 are for me, get your own.

Tuesday. Tuesday, what the hell happened to Tuesday? Oh yes, kickball. I am an honorary member of the Greasy Cooters. I even have my own t-shirt which I will wear proudly because I'm madly in love with it. I feel horrible that I didn't make it out to the field or the bar tonight but I needed the time off. From beer.

The good thing about Wednesdays is that I know what happens. Volleyball. Fletcher's volleyball. I love that almost as much as my Greasy Cooters t-shirt. Had a couple of beers before and after the games, nothing out of the ordinary except that it was absolutely deliciously gorgeous outside. Beats the hell out of the usual Wednesday rainstorms.

Thursday we played in place of Josh and Becky who were busy enjoying margaritas on a beach in Mexico. We got whooped. And unrightfully so. We just never got a rhythm going. Everyone was kind of down after the match but while Russ mingled, I hung out with Shayna, her sister Annie and friends Kris and... again I want to call her Amanda, but it's Missy? Shoot. You know when you meet someone and get their name wrong and don't find out about your error until hours later so eternally they're known as the wrong name by your subconscious and man, if we could only control our subconscious, life would be good. Kris plays guitar for Gingerjake and happens to be shopping around for a web designer. I don't think I can handle the job due to the time commitment issue, but he thinks they may have found someone so maybe I could get the updates or take pictures for them or something. Anyway, they're all a lot of fun and I'm grateful for meeting so many great people randomly or not. Russ, Annie and I played again at 9:15 and lost all 3 again. This time we didn't feel so responsible as we were probably the strongest of the team members. Still, it's not fun to lose 6 games in 1 night. On the way back to the bar we ran into Russ' neighbors, they served up some captains and I supplied a couple more rounds before the night was over. Made friends with the bartender which is good but bad because that means you get more of your fair share of captain in your drink. I jumped the bar to pay my tab, have pictures of people I don't know well and barely recall the ride home. Not so excellent. Liquor dissolves my maturity. And therefore it must not be consumed. In mixed company. Damn it.

Friday, Trevor was in town from St. Cloud. We had sushi at Kikugawa which is perhaps the most perfect food in the entire world. Seriously, insanely delicious! It was a beautiful night so we walked along Main Street a bit and I showed him the Stone Arch Bridge. We met Jill at Durkins for a couple and then headed downtown - where else but the Refuge and the Drink!? It was fun, there was mad dancing and beer intake and of course, Pizza Luce and drunk conversation followed.

Saturday I got to sleep in! Walked to the Lyon's Pub for lunch where was punished for the burger enjoyment with horrible blisters from shoes I've worn 100 times before. They still hurt. We braved the walk home with the aide of bar band-aids and refrained from the nap-taking that sounded so so good. Played some volleyball in Father Hennepin Park and decided to hit the grocery store for dinner. I made veggies and dip, dinner and crescent rolls (of course) and we had a couple of beers before heading up to Biff's to see Boogie Wonderland. I was very excited because we were meeting Stacy, Brian, Ginny and Todd and I got to catch up with Lonnie (lead guitar) who I haven't seen for nearly 3 years. It's so cool to have friends you can miss for 3 years and pick right back up where you left off. I might even buy one of his old guitars and pick it up again. Rock on. We stopped at Majors on the way back to the Meyer household and Trevor and Brian found out they are related by Brian's uncle marrying Trevor's aunt. Unbelievable. The world keeps getting smaller! After the bar, we played another Texas Hold Em tournament. I won both rounds! Came home $80 richer and had to borrow $5 for the initial buy-in. Beginner's luck? Probably, gotta play some more to find out! I enjoy playing although I have a really hard time playing with friends in that I feel guilty as hell if I take their chips. It's stupid really because it's not like I'm upset or concerned when they take mine - let me introduce you to my overactive conscience.

Sunday spent the entire afternoon at the beach on Lake Calhoun. Got very sunburned. I have a distinct mark where my swimsuit tie laid on my back. Ouch! Luckily, the burn was gone by Monday night and I'm a tan baby ready for summer!

Played volleyball with Lisa's team downtown last night (another reason very thankful sunburn turned golden within 24 hours). First game was gorgeous, 2nd game warm downpour, 3rd game chilly downpour + wind = very cold. We won 1 out of 3 and headed to the Refuge for the volleyball specials. We had great conversation and I hope to sub for them again. It's an open night for me and I love playing downtown plus they're cool and hang out at our bar! What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, they might have an opening in their auction draft fantasy football league. Sweetness!

OK so I remember quite a lot. That's a relief. I suppose I could blame old age but it's more likely the alcohol.

Wish us luck at volleyball tomorrow night, it's supposed to be great weather!

Enjoy the rest of the week and join us at Sommerfest at Gasthof's on Saturday night! 5pm-10pm and afterwards to Mario's or other nearby NE venue. Das Boot is calling your name!

Don't forget to give your Dad a big bear hug on Sunday.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Jill Hyser!


It's officially the most beautiful day of the year so far! Just for you!

I hope you enjoy your day and can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!

We will need to continue the celebration into the weekend.

Because we can.


Announcing Emily & Luke Marier

Emily and Luke's wedding was wonderful.

[insert image]

Emily was, not surprisingly, a gorgeous bride. Her dress was beautiful as was the smile she wore all day.

I drove through rain to Treasure Island, but the clouds thinned and skies brightened the closer I got to my destination. I took photos as the girls got ready and we headed to the Afton Orchard around 2:30. Guests arrived and we hid Emily until it was time. They were hay-riding the final guests out to the ceremony clearing when it started downpouring. Not the light, unnoticable kind, the heavy-unmistakable-pounding-on-the-rooftop kind. I saw Emily's heart jump up in her throat but she held herself together extremely well. Little Miss Kennedy was a welcome distraction and the rain stopped after only a few minutes and about 10 minutes later we got the go-ahead that the ceremony would still commence outdoors. We prepared for the hayride and were amazed to be greeted with bright blue skies and warm sunshine. Even the guests and groomsmen stayed fairly dry and nobody complained about the recent shower.

I'm not kidding you, the weather was amazing during their wedding. The rain had everything bright green and glistening. The birds were chirping and the bugs were still in hiding. Their ceremony was short and sweet and so heartfelt. Not a dry eye was in sight. The rain almost made it even more special. It felt as if the skies cleared just for them. And just long enough too...

Just as we were wrapping up on pictures, another rain cloud was on its way. Not just any rain cloud, this one resembled Godzilla. We were afraid we were going to be poured on as we approached the darkness but made it safely into the reception dry and happy as could be. If it rained again, we didn't notice and the rest of the evening was wonderful. Great food, wonderful family, fabulous friends, 4 kegs and a fun DJ.

I took 850 pictures. I will post one of the bride and groom very soon.

Good luck in Vegas you two! Thank you for involving me in your big day!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Becca K

Becca K turned Becca B turned 28 today!

Happy birthday Becky, I hope you guys had a great day.

Hope you're feeling great and getting ready for Beyer Baby number 2!

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