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Announcing Emily & Luke Marier

Emily and Luke's wedding was wonderful.

[insert image]

Emily was, not surprisingly, a gorgeous bride. Her dress was beautiful as was the smile she wore all day.

I drove through rain to Treasure Island, but the clouds thinned and skies brightened the closer I got to my destination. I took photos as the girls got ready and we headed to the Afton Orchard around 2:30. Guests arrived and we hid Emily until it was time. They were hay-riding the final guests out to the ceremony clearing when it started downpouring. Not the light, unnoticable kind, the heavy-unmistakable-pounding-on-the-rooftop kind. I saw Emily's heart jump up in her throat but she held herself together extremely well. Little Miss Kennedy was a welcome distraction and the rain stopped after only a few minutes and about 10 minutes later we got the go-ahead that the ceremony would still commence outdoors. We prepared for the hayride and were amazed to be greeted with bright blue skies and warm sunshine. Even the guests and groomsmen stayed fairly dry and nobody complained about the recent shower.

I'm not kidding you, the weather was amazing during their wedding. The rain had everything bright green and glistening. The birds were chirping and the bugs were still in hiding. Their ceremony was short and sweet and so heartfelt. Not a dry eye was in sight. The rain almost made it even more special. It felt as if the skies cleared just for them. And just long enough too...

Just as we were wrapping up on pictures, another rain cloud was on its way. Not just any rain cloud, this one resembled Godzilla. We were afraid we were going to be poured on as we approached the darkness but made it safely into the reception dry and happy as could be. If it rained again, we didn't notice and the rest of the evening was wonderful. Great food, wonderful family, fabulous friends, 4 kegs and a fun DJ.

I took 850 pictures. I will post one of the bride and groom very soon.

Good luck in Vegas you two! Thank you for involving me in your big day!!


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Thanks to YOU Cari! i can't wait to see the pictures, all 850!! of them!!

You're the best, Luke and I are very lucky to have such a great friend like you.

Mrs. Marier,

You must have made it safely back from Vegas!! I hope you two had a phenomenal time and great weather.

I'm worried about having time to finish all of those pictures but am planning to dedicate some this weekend. Hopefully I did a good enough job the first time around so that minimal work is necessary in Photoshop.

Anyway, enjoy your first week back in MN as a married woman!

Hope to see you soon!

Hugs from your... only?... single friend,


P.S. I mixed up dates and didn't realize Dan-fest was this weekend. I need a personal assistant. Not kidding! Anyway, maybe I will make it out on Friday. Have Sommerfest obligations Saturday. I suppose you guys are otherwise committed at Dan-fest? :( I'll miss you and so will Das Boot.

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